The boy next door (One directon non-famous story) :-)

When 16 year old Harriet Andrews moves to a new school in london she meets five special boys, one of them catching on her heart.


12. Chilling with the best mate


Harriets P.O.V:

By the time we got back the sky was already beginning to darken, Naomi and I were both sprawled out on my bedroom floor, blasting Go To Hell For Heavens sake by Bring Me The Horizon. We just talked about random stuff that had happened; Naomi told me how she and her boyfriend Matty had broken up, how she had thought she had seen Andy Biersack on the train but then after rushing over to him and giving him a hug, that it wasn't actually him. "For the love of god will you bite your tongue before we make you swallow it" we sang along. 

"I've missed doing this, it's not the same without you, Harriet" Naomi sighed.

"I know, I've missed you too, it was awful having to go through boy drama without you" 

"Yeah this Niall boy seems messed up" she spat.

"I'm still kind of pissed off but he didn't actually do anything" I shrugged.

"Good, because I was gonna open a can of whoop ass all over him" She laughed. 

"Oh I'd love to see that" I laughed

"Really?" She raised an eyebrow. "Because if you still want to when you next see him all you have to do is ask" she said seriously.

"I'll let you know" I laughed and hugged her tightly.


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