The boy next door (One directon non-famous story) :-)

When 16 year old Harriet Andrews moves to a new school in london she meets five special boys, one of them catching on her heart.


1. I will never forget you!

Harriet’s POV:

“Why do you have to go?” Naomi whimpered; her eyes shining with tears. “My dad got a job over there” I sobbed, pulling her in for a hug. “What will I ever do without you? You’re my best friend Harriet” She begged. “Naomi you’re a: strong, amazing girl. You don’t need silly old me to get through. I promise we will Skype every day! And I’ll come visit you every half term!” I promised her. “You promise!” She sniffed. “I promise” I told her. “Before you leave” she said while rummaging through her back pack. “I got you something to remember me by” she smiled. “You didn’t have to waste your money on me” I said while she handed me a small black box with a neat blue ribbon tied to the top. “Open it then” She encouraged. I hesitantly opened it, when I saw what was inside my eyes began to tear up. “It’s a friendship necklace!” She grinned showing her half from under her shirt. “Naomi I love it!” I said while putting it on and then hugging her tightly. “Harriet! It’s time to go!” My dad called from the front door of our house. “I’ll see you soon, I promise!” I assured Naomi and hugging her even closer. “Goodbye Harriet, hope your new school is as awesome as you!” she said smiling sweetly. “Goodbye Naomi, I hope you pass your exam, I love you” I said, returning her smile. “I love you too” she smiled and pulling me in for one last hug, then getting onto her bike and watched me get into the car. I waved to her from the window and she waved back a smile on her face, i shouted from the window "I will never forget you!". I was going to miss her so much. Leaving New Castle behind was one of the hardest things I could ever do. I thought about my new life up in London, while twirling the friendship necklace over and over in my fingers.

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