mini tomlinson

thiss is a zayn mallik fan fiction. is abut louis tmlinson's 19 year old sister who falls for his best mate zayn malik.


4. when we return

HARRYS POV: I really like Katie but I think she has feelings for Zayn. They would be a cute couple.

LOUIS POV: "When will they be back? I mean she is my little sis and I need to see her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shout. "I don't know mate and they are ttaking forever." Liam says. Suddenly the door slamed open. It was Zayn. "Call the ambulence NOW!!!!!!!!!!" Zayn shouts. "Why???!?!!! Harry asked seeming shocked. "Well Katie has fell and hit her head and now there is blood every where!!" Zayn says panicly. "Don''t worry mate," Liam says camly.

KATIES POV: The only thing I can remember is kissing Zayn and then just falling and hitting my head off the sink.

NIALLS POV: Well we were all just talking abt how long they were taking and then Zayn came running in shouting 'call an ambulence!' and then he told us why.I just hope that Katie is okay.

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