mini tomlinson

thiss is a zayn mallik fan fiction. is abut louis tmlinson's 19 year old sister who falls for his best mate zayn malik.


5. the hospital

LOUIS POV: When the ambulence came they took Katie to the hospital. We all came with her to keep her company. The doctors took her to the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT. I never thought that it would be this bad. Zayn keeps on saying that he's 'sorry' and I keep on telling him that it's okay but he dosen't listen to me.

THE DOCTORS POV: "Katie I'm afraid you have fractord your skull so you have to get stabels in your head." I said to her. "Okay but is it really serious?" she aksed worriedly. "No not too serious but you would have to stay over night if thats okay." "Okay" she sadly says.

ZAYNS POV: I just feel so sorry for her. "Sorry" I say sadly but he just says it's okay but it's not.

NIALLS POV: Two hours later the doctor came out of Katies ward and says that she has a fractord skull and that she will be staying over night and get stabels in her heaad tomorrow after noon.
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