mini tomlinson

thiss is a zayn mallik fan fiction. is abut louis tmlinson's 19 year old sister who falls for his best mate zayn malik.


2. the catch up

"Well whos life been stripes?" I say to louis "good and stop callin' me stripes!" "okay calm your ham carrot boy!" we all llaugh but still zayn is staring at me kinda creepn' me out. At last he says something. "katie, can I talk to you in privite ,please?" I look at him annd hhe mouths please and I nodd my head.

ZAYN'S POV: I really need to tell her how I feel but if she dosen't feel this way about me and rejects me I will maybe break down. I have to do this I say to my self so i ask her can she come and talk to me in privite but she just looks at me then I mouth the word please and then she gets up.

LOUIS POV: Zayn was staring at Katie when ever he saw her and then he asks can he talk to her in pprvite. I wounder if he fancies her?
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