mini tomlinson

thiss is a zayn mallik fan fiction. is abut louis tmlinson's 19 year old sister who falls for his best mate zayn malik.


1. Family reunion

It has been almost 3 years since i have saw my big bro. Well i can't wait becase he is coming back today!!!!!! 'DING DONG' " HE IS HERE!!!!!!!!" I shout until I get to the door. "LOUIS" I shout as I open the door, "I have somethiing for you so close your eyes andhold your hands out. Okay and open!" I shout as I hand him a big bag of carrots."ha ha mate she got you a bag of carrots!!" Zayn says. " I know andI love them!!" shouts louis. Everyone laughs. "what?" louis says looking quite puzzled. "oh nothing stripes" "stop calling me that katie!!!". Everyone laughs again all exept for Zayn who just sits there staring at me.
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