Started With Two Sisters

Sisters Sky and Chloe are in love with One Direction. Chloe wants Niall and Sky wants Harry. They both go to their concert...will they have a chance with these boys? Keep reading to find out!


1. Introduction

Sky Moore
Has bright deep blue eyes, wavy/curly blonde hair, slut, nice, loves Harry Styles, best friends with her older sister Chloe, gets abused by parents, favorite color is purple, loves cats, plays guitar and sings, has purple braces, 36D is her bra size, big butt (a little bigger than Louis') age 17 turning 18 in 2 weeks, her enemy is Emma, 5'6, co captain of cheerleading squad, has a Harry cutout.

Chloe Moore
Loves food, likes to play sports and is captain of the cheerleading squad, favorite color is blue and purple, in a band with her sister, 5'8, Niall's her favorite, helps sister when she needs it, over protective over Sky, model for Hollister, bra size 36D, butt is the same size as Sky's, has a Niall cut out.

Eleanor Waters
Loves Louis, has brown hair and blue eyes. Best friends with Sky and Chloe. Favorite color is neon green, is quiet, nice and smart.

Michelle Payne
Liam's sister, has brown eyes and brown hair, smart, nice, keeps it a secret that she's related to Liam, secretly likes Harry and Niall.

Emma Stone
Hates Sky. Loves Harry. Chubby, brown eyes, black hair, no body, stupid and tries to be the best. Is best friends with Michelle.
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