Too far along

Leah has just discovered she's pregnant with zayns baby. What will they do next?


2. Rolling along

"Love lets got to bed " zany whispered as he shook me. I rubbed me eyes.
"Where did everyone go?"I asked slowly sitting up. He rubbed my back.
"Yeah you slept for a while. " he chuckled. I laughed with him. It was just another symptom. I guess I could get used to sleeping a lot. I stood up with zayn but stopped.
"What's wrong love?" He asked me. I smiled.
"I need to take my vitamins. "I said while walking over to the cabinet.
I took the pills but soon grew a craving. Pickles. I want pickles.
I went to the fridge and grabbed the jar.
"Why do you have pickles?" He said putting his arm around me.we started to walk upstairs.
"The baby and I would like some pickles. " I laughed. My hormones were weird and I knew they were just going to get worse.
We got into bed and I turned on the tv.
"How are you so awake?" He said rolling over and turning the lamp off. I bit into another pickle.
"Sorry ill read my baby book" I said with an attitude. It wasn't that late it's only 12:30. Ok maybe that's late but still. I needed to eat I just puked my guts out !

Zayns POV
I rolled over and could hear her turn every page very loudly. After every turn shed chonk on a pickle. She was doing it on purpose to annoy me.
"Babe can you be a bit quieter" I asked her. Then she blew up.
"Babe that's not what I'm saying "I tried to explain but she was out of the room. Her hormones were acting up big time. I waited a couple mins before going Down to talk to her.
I slowly walked down and heard her sobbing.
"Babe?"I said sitting next to her on the couch. Her head was buried in a pillow.
"I'm so sorry " she said between sniffles. I rested my head on her shoulder
"I love you"I whispered to her. She sat there and didn't say anything.
"Zayn you don't love me your gonna get annoyed with me and ur gonna think I'm ugly and fat!"she said starting to bawl again.
"Why would you ever say that ! I do love you I really do! I would do anything for you! I don't care what happens or what u look like! I love you for you !"with that she hugged me. I rubbed her back she loved it when I did that.
"I love you too" she whispered breathless. And from here I knew the war was gonna start. It was gonna be tough from here but I love her. I would do anything for our relationship.

A few weeks later. ......
Leah's POV

It's been about 15 weeks and I was getting big. I wasn't too big though. When ever I walked though I looked like an old man. It hurt my back to walk so I always had my hand on my back. It sucked I never felt good and everything hurts!!
I sat down at the table while zayn made tea.
"So I was thinking"I began to say "what are we gonna name the baby?"I asked him. He handed me my tea and sat down.
"Well I've got my heart set on Hannah or hunter!"he got excited. I giggled
"I love those names"I said sipping my tea. He smiled.
"When do we find out ?"he asked me.
I didn't really know.
"Soon "I replied. He nodded again.
"Do you wanna do something tonight like go to someone's house? Or dinner?"he offered. I sat there. I had been on one schedule the whole time I've been pregnant and I haven't done anything else.
"Sure what ever you wanna do "I agreed. I wasn't in the mood for choosing. Mind you i was never in the mood for anything.
"How bout we go to Liam and Danis place ya?"he asked. I nodded.
"Sure"I smiled. I wondered what he had planned.
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