Too far along

Leah has just discovered she's pregnant with zayns baby. What will they do next?


1. The news

I shuddered at the sight of the positive sign on the pregnancy test. I felt the tears begin to fill my eye but convinced myself not to cry because zayn was coming home soon. I quickly hid the test under the sink and thought. Oh crap how will I tell zayn. Pacing around the bathroom I heard him walk in the door. I panicked
"Babe I'm home!"I heard him yell. I slowly walked down stairs still trying to calm myself. I was shaking. He walked up to me and kissed my lips. But I didn't kiss back because my heart was thumping out of my chest and I couldn't breath.
"Babe what's wrong?"he asked me more concerned than ever.
"Do you love me?"I asked him. He grabbed my hands and got closer to me.
"Of course I love you I would do anything for you"he said. I shook my head. I didn't know what to say. He tucked my brown wavy hair me hind my ear.
"I..........zayn I'm I I'm pregnant"I managed to choke out. He stood there but slowly had a smile spread across his face. His picked me up and hugged me.
"Leah that's wonderful!"he was so happy.
"Your not upset or mad?"I asked him as happy as he was. He looked confused after I had asked him that.
"Why would I be mad. I love you And I'm ready for this we are in this together I'm so happy"he hugged me again. Zayn and I have been together for 4years now And have never had problems. We got together because of our friends. My best friend was dating Louis at the time(which now they are married)and introduced me to zayn. We were both a little cheeky at first but knew we were in love.
We both sat on the couch and watched a movie. During the movie zayn kept rubbing my belly and talking to himself.
"Maybe they'll have Leahs beautiful brown and green eyes. Maybe my black hair. Her smile. "He kept whispering. I just smiled to myself not knowing what to say. I placed my hand over his and felt the warmth of it. He was laying behind me and my back was against his chest. He leaned down and kissed right behind my ear.
"I love you"he whispered. I turned around to face him.
"I love you too. "I said while leaning in for a kiss. Our lips lightly touched for a gentle kiss. As we both pulled away I yawned.
"Tired love?"he asked me while rubbing my back.
"Yes very. "I quietly said. He stood up and picked me up bridal style. I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck. As we got to our bedroom he laid me down on the bed. He walked over to his dresser and changed into a T-shirt and boxers. He laid down with me and pulled me against his chest.
"Good night love. "He said while turning off the lamp.
"Good night. "I replied with a smile.
I woke up but felt ill. I quickly ran to the toilet and began to puke.
"Shit "I said as I mumbled under my breath. Zayn heard me and ran in.
"You alright love. "He asked rubbing my back. I just shook my head.
"Morning sickness. "I said standing up to brush my teeth.we then went back into the bedroom and laid down. Zayn once again began to rub my back. I didn't realize it but I was crying. God damn hormones.
"I can't do it zayn I'm gonna get fat I'm gonna be moody and sick and eating weird things. "I just cried out. But he didn't say anything he just held me. Trying to calm me down. He knew it was just my hormones also.
"I don't care what happens because I'm here for you. I love you. "He whispered into my ear. I just sucked in my tears and scooted closer to him. After awhile he got up.
"Where are you going?"I asked him sitting up. He smiled
"I'm going to make you breakfast just stay in bed don't worry"he said kissing my head. I just nodded and flicked the tv on. I slowly got bored and didn't know what to do. He was gone for a while before he came up stairs and pulled me out of bed.
"No it's so cold!"I said trying to grab my robe but zayn beat me to it by picking me up.
"I'll keep you warm babe"he said kissing me. We headed down stairs and sat down at the table. There were pancakes and eggs. I grabbed a pancake and a few eggs.
"Leah!"he said with a mouth full.
"What ?!"I replied mocking him. He rolled his eyes.
"You need to eat now that your pregnant. "I shuddered at his words. I didn't want to get fat. I can't have something living inside my for nine months. I can't do it. It is going to be so exhausting.
My smile slowly faded. Zayn put his hand on my knee.
"We both know what needs to be done and the sacrifices we will need to make. "I lectured. That's what I loved about zayn. He gave the best speeches ever. I just nodded and began to eat. I did notice I was really hungry so I had like 4 pancakes. I wasn't that far along. I'm only 2 months. This was so frustrating.
After breakfast I managed not to puke it up. Instead I went upstairs and laid down.
"Alright love?"he asked rubbing my back and leaning down into my ear. I shook my head. I felt ill.
"Well I have to go down to the studio for a bit will you be ok?"he asked me. I closed my eyes and nodded. I fell asleep to the words "I love you" coming from zayns mouth.
I woke up from a small noise but realized it was the heater. I rolled over and looked at the clock. It was 130 and no surprise. I was asleep for 5 hours.
I laid in bed a began to feel lonely. That's how most of my days were. I never got to see zayn much. With work and all he was never home. I did have a small job at a vets office. I just helped with the animals. I got up and got dressed still feeling a bit ill. I got in my car and drove to the office.
"Hey Leah " Katherine smiled to me. She was the vet. She owned the office so it was just a small town shop nothing big.
As the clients came in I put their pets in the kennels to wait for Katherine. I was guiding a German Shepard into a kennel and I must have stepped on his paw or something because it bit my wrist. I yelped in pain and the dog began to growl at me. I saw the blood drip down onto the floor. My breathing began to slow down. I couldn't be around blood it made me dizzy.
"Katherine?"I spoke softly trying to catch my self on the wall.
"Yes leah?"I heard her say before I hit the floor. Then everything went black.

I woke up on one of the tables.
"Good your awake"I heard her say happily. I looked around still in the office. My arm was patched up. No blood.
"I checked the dog didn't have rabies and I cleaned the bite. "She smiled.
"Thank you" I said sitting up.
"Wait your not pregnant or anything are you?"she asked me. If I said yes I needed to go to the doctors to have of treated.
"Well I kind of am" I said playing with my nails. She sat there jaw dropped. Then it slowly turned into smile.
"Oh Leah congrats !!!" She said hugging me but soon pulling away.
"But you will have to see a doctor though"she said seriously. I laughed.
"Haha I know " I said with a grin. I could get used to the fact that I'm kinda proud of being pregnant
************************************I called the doctor and they did say I needed to go to the hospital just for treatment. I immediately left work because Katherine told me too. That's what I loved about her. She was so caring and never got mad at me. As I got in my car I saw that zayn was calling me.
"Hello babe how is work?"I asked him. I asked him this everyday when he called me. He would always check on me to make sure I was safe. He did worry a lot and get scared sometimes if I didn't answer. I can't imagine how on edge he is now that I'm pregnant.
"I'm pretty well the boys say hi. Oh and I haven't told them yet. "
"Well invite them for dinner tonight we'll tell them then. We don't want to be too sudle. "
"Alright love will do how was your day?"he said. I didn't want to answer because I knew he was going to freak when I don't him where I was going.
"Uh I well I'm kind of going to the hospital. "I waited for a response. Sure enough I got it.
"What?!what happened ?! Ok I'm on my way ok?"I just giggled.
"Alright love "I smiled.
"Ok I love you. " he said.
"I love you too" I hung up and drove to the hospital. My bite did hurt but only stung nothing too bad. I got out and zayn was already. Oh my goodness. He ran over to me and hugged me.
"Your arm !! What hAppened?!"he said looking at it. I was about to speak when I saw the boys climb out of his car.
"Leah!"they all yelled. Louis rAn over and hugged me but zayn gave him the death stair.
"Hi guys" I smiled to them.
"What happened"zayn repeated as we walked to the doors. I sighed.
"Well I was putting a dog in a kennel and it bit my wrist. I may have fainted but Katherine cleaned the bite and checked the dog for rabies. "I quickly said.
"You fainted?!"I heard Niall excitedly yell. Zayn shook his head.
"Leah I'm worried about you working there what if the dog had rabies?"zayn said opening the door.
"I don't know"I said growing a bit annoyed. He was getting way to protective now that I was pregnant. He was never like this.
We got inside and waited. Finally we got called into a room and the boys stayed in the waiting area.
"So miss graves what have we got here?"the doctor asked. I hated it when they referred to people as last name.
"I have been bit by a dog. But it didn't have rabies. "I smiled. The doctor slowly pealed the bandages off and I squeezed zayns hand because it hurt. When I looked down at it there were clearly teeth marks and a couple gashes. The skin was purple and still a little bloody.
"Looks pretty bad are you expecting at all?"she asked me. I looked at zayn and he smiled.
"Yes " I grinned. She smiled.
"Well ill just clean this up and u will need to take these vitamins to keep bacteria away. " she said beginning to clean. Zayn rubbed my back as I flinched because it hurt in some spots.
She finished up and gave me the vitamins. We walked back out and all the boys stood up.
"Everything alright?"Liam asked.
"Yeah I'm fine. "I smiled. We all walked to the car.
"So what do you guys want for dinner?"zayn asked. Niall chirped up.
"Pizza!"Niall yelled. Louis also grew excited.
"Yes pizza!" He yelled. Liam rolled his eyes.
"Oh here we go "he mumbled to himself.
"No no no tacos please" Harry said arguing. I looked at zayn and we both laughed. This always happened.
We pulled up to the house when everyone decided they wanted to scream.
"Leah can I invite Ariel ?!?!"Louis yelled.
"Can I invite dani ?!" Liam yelled also.
"Of course. "Zayn and I both said. It would be a good thing that they came over so we could tell them also. They were my best friends and I loved them ore than anything. Well other than zayn.
We got home and began to walk to the door. Zayn and I stayed behind the boys hand in hand.
"Zayn I'm worried. "I said squeezing his hand.
"Why what could go wrong. " we were in whispering tone now.
"What if they get upset over the fact that I'm pregnant. "I was getting scared.
"What do you mean Louis and Ariel are married. It's ok and if they have a problem with it they will have to go through me. "He stuck his chest out to seem tough. I giggled.
"Thank you "I kissed his cheek.
"No problem love. " he smiled to me.
We all went inside and I ran to the kitchen with Liam while the boys went to watch football. Or play the video game. As I was making the pizza Liam was making the tacos.
"So how are you and zayn?"Liam asked me. I smiled.
"We're good. How about you and dani?"I asked him. I could see him blush.
"I'm thinking about proposing to her on our anniversary " he smiled. A huge grin spread across my face.
"Liam that's awesome!"I yelled. He quickly covered my mouth with his taco sauce hands.
"Shhh don't tell anyone!"he whispered screamed. I pushed his hand away. I whipped my face off.
"Ok I promise" I giggled. Liam was about to speak again when we heard the doorbell.
"OH MY GOSH ARIEL'S HERE!"Louis jumped up from the couch And flung the door open. She was about to say hi but Louis squeezed her.
"Hi dear!"he kissed her. She laughed.
"Well hello love" she kissed him back. Then she saw me.
"Hi Leah!" She walked over and hugged me.
"Ariel!"I said while hugging her back. Then Danielle walked in. Liam quickly walked over to her and greeted her.
"Leah!"she said while hugging me. I stood back and laughed so hard because I saw Harry and Niall hugging.
We all set the table and began to eat. I would constantly look up and look at zayn. I was trying to decide when I should tell people. I just wanted to be flat out. I didn't want to be stuttering or anything. I glanced over at zayn and he glanced at me. We both nodded and kept eating.
"So guys how is everyone. " I asked. They all made a grunting noise which I assume was a yes or good.
"That's good well I'm pregnant. "I said very plainly. Everyone looked up. Louis began to choke on his food. Ariel slapped his back and he began to breath.
"Your pregnant?!" Harry yelled with a smile.
"Leah's pregnant!" Dani yelled excited. I smiled everyone seemed happy. Except for Liam. We were so close. Why would he be upset?he just looked at his taco.
"I'm gonna go take a breather. "He said as he got up to go to the back porch.
I waited till everyone was talking about baby stuff and no longer me. I quietly got up and went out back with Liam. When I walked out side he was looking at the stars.
"Are you ok?"i asked standing next to him. There was a long pause before he spoke.
"What would happen when other people found out?"he said turning his face to me.
What would happen?is pregnancy worse than marriage?people were a little upset when Louis and Ariel got married but what would they say if they new I was pregnant. I was starting to just think of these things.
As I was thinking I began to feel dizzy. I leaned over the railing.
"O god"I began to say but began to violently puke. Liam puke his hand on my back.
"Leah are you ok?!"he seemed a little scared. I just nodded I couldn't talk because it hurt so much.
"Let's get you inside for some water."
He walked me inside and I laid down on the couch.
"Leah are you alright?!"zayn asked me running over to my side. I closed my eyes.
"Yeah I just I'm just got sick"I said quietly. I just laid there for a bit and didn't realize people were leaving. I guess I fell asleep because one minuet everyone was eating and the next they were gone.
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