The Walking Dead

Susan is at her Aunt Laurie's house when people turn into cannibals and if they bite you you'll die then come back to eat. You call them whatever you want they call them walkers. Her Uncle Rick is still in the hospital from getting shot in the ribs and they leave without him. She is 14, her cousin Carl is 10 how are they going to survive without Rick? Will Shane find them and make them safe? Got to find out by reading.


4. Welcome to camp

I got Carl out of the RV and made sure there were no walkers. I had a gun in my boot. "Don't worry Susan we cleared this place out. There are no more of those walkers here." Darryl said. I nodded and Muriel started arguing with a woman who was holding onto a girl Carl's age. I walked by and said one thing, "Stop acting like a dick Muriel." He looked at me in surprise and was about to hit me when Darryl stopped him. "Muriel stop. She is only 14." He said. Muriel backed away and got in a tent. "Don't bother him." The woman said. "Sorry. But he shouldn't have treated you like that. I've only known him for a hour or two and I already know he's a Jackass." I replied. "I'm Carol. This is my daughter Sophia." She said. "Susan. This is my cousin Carl." I replied.
Carl and I got in a tent with Laurie. I was tired. I kept my boots on just in case of a emergency. Carl hadn't really said anything since we were in our car. "Are we going to be okay?" He asked. "I'll make sure of it." I replied. He held onto my hand and went to sleep. It wasn't that easy for me. But I finally went under. I wish I hadn't because I had a nightmare that Carl and I were alone and walkers were around us. "We're not going to make it we might as well shoot our selfs in the head!" I yelled. Carl looked at me and shook his head. "We'll make it and get back to Camp!" He yelled back. I woke up with a start. It was morning and I came out. Everyone was eating. "Hey sleepy head." Carl said. I nodded in reply. This place was safe.
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