The Walking Dead

Susan is at her Aunt Laurie's house when people turn into cannibals and if they bite you you'll die then come back to eat. You call them whatever you want they call them walkers. Her Uncle Rick is still in the hospital from getting shot in the ribs and they leave without him. She is 14, her cousin Carl is 10 how are they going to survive without Rick? Will Shane find them and make them safe? Got to find out by reading.


5. The one on the radio

I was cleaning my gun when the radio went off. Someone was talking everyone ran to it. "I'm going to Atlanta if there are any survivors call in." I tried to reply but he couldn't here me. "Damn it!" I yelled. "Some of us gotta go there to warn them." Dale said. I volunteered to go and they told me to get the bats. I did so. Glenn, Aundrey, T-dog, Muriel and Andy were coming to. I got into the van.
We went into the store and Glenn got into the borded alley to see the guy we heard. I was looking at my gun and found some jewelry and clothes. I had my bag so I put some shirts and a charm bracelet in it. I heard gun shots outside. Glenn didn't have a gun so it must've been that guy. "What an idiot." I thought. Glenn called in for Andy and T-dog with the bats. They came back in and Aundrey got in front of me so I couldn't see him. "Aundrey move." I said. I got in front of her somehow and was shocked at who I saw. "Rick?" I asked. My uncle looked at me and squeezed the life out of me. "Susan. Where's Carl and Laurie?" He said. "There back at camp. You know each other?" Glenn asked. I nodded. "He's my uncle Rick." I replied.
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