The Walking Dead

Susan is at her Aunt Laurie's house when people turn into cannibals and if they bite you you'll die then come back to eat. You call them whatever you want they call them walkers. Her Uncle Rick is still in the hospital from getting shot in the ribs and they leave without him. She is 14, her cousin Carl is 10 how are they going to survive without Rick? Will Shane find them and make them safe? Got to find out by reading.


2. Survivors

I had fallen asleep in the car and I had marks on my face from the seat belt. I looked out the window and saw walkers like everywhere. I got down which sucked because of the seat belt. I looked at Carl who was terrified. I looked at him and mouthed, 'It'll be okay.' He still was unsure. I heard gun shots out there. I looked in the front and saw my aunt and Shane who were perfectly fine. I looked up and saw a Asian kid, two blonde ladies, a dude with a crossbow, a guy with a stubby face and a man with a hat and binoculars. They were all killing walkers except the younger lady with blonde hair who saw me. I got back down. I didn't want them to shoot us. Why was I so curious? Then the gun shots stopped.
I held onto Carl as if he was the only thing I had left. They were coming over here. The door was opening and I prepared for a gun in my face. The Asian boy was the one who opened the door. He looked at all of us. "Are you guys ok?" He asked. I just nodded saying nothing. "Are there children in there?" The guy with a hat asked behind him. "Yeah Dale. Two." He replied. They convinced all of us to come out. The guy named Dale came over to Carl and I and gave us energy bars. I looked at mine and my stomach growled. I was starved. I geuss Carl was too because he looked at me as if asking for permission and I nodded. We are the bars and I looked at Dale. "Thank you." I said. He nodded. "Don't want you children to starve." He replied. Laurie and Shawn talked to the guy with the crossbow. Dale asked Carl and I what our names were. "I'm Susan Grim. This is my cousin Carl grim." I said. "Hi Carl, Susan. I'm Dale. The guy who opened the car door is Glenn. The two girls over there are Aundrey and Audrey. The man with a crossbow is Darryl and the last man is Muriel." He said. I shook his hand and so did Carl. We went back into the car and Carl looked at me. "Do you think there are anymore survivors?" He asked. "I don't know." I replied.
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