Valentines Day

Jessica was just an ordinary girl, living in England. Everyday she would get a note from a secret admirer. But on the other hand, she had a massive crush on a boy at her college, Zayn Malik. She finally gets to know who her secret admirer is at the big Valentine's Day Ball. Will it be the who she least expects?


1. Valentines Day

"JESSICA!" screamed a loud, annoying voice.

It was Ms.Pickels, my science teacher. Yes, I know what you're wondering, what kind of name is Ms.Pickels?! Strange, huh?


"Can you please stop staring at the back of Zayn's head, and pay attention to my lesson?" asked Ms.Pickels.


Everyone in the class started to laugh, making my cheeks rose red. I saw Zayn look at me too. I covered my face with my long, curly, black hair trying to hide my brown eyes from meeting anyone elses. The dismissall bell rang, and I grabbed my books, running towards my locker. I opened my locker to find a note, attached to a rose. I smelt the rose first, because I loved the smell of flowers.


The letter read:

Dear Jessica,

I've been noticing you for a while now, and I really like you. Please meet me at the middle of the dance floor, 8:00, at the Valentines' Day Dance.

Your Secret Admirer.


Strange, but I'll give the kid a chance. I walked out of the college, to my dorm room, still holding the rose and note.


"Hey Leona!" I shouted to my best friend/ roomie.


"Hiii!" she replied back.


She was sitting on her bed, on her laptop, messaging her boyfriend. She had pretty long hair too. It was brown, with blonde highlights, and matched her deep brown eyes. She was a bit taller than me, 5'9 I'd say.


My thoughts were interupted by a very loud Leona, "Oooooooh! Where did you get that note and rose from?"


"Some secret admirer wanting to go to the big ball with me." I said, handing her the rose and note.


"Are you going to go?" she asked.


"Ya, I guess."


"What about Zayn?"


"It's not like he was going to ask me out anyways. There's like millions of girls chasing after him."




The whole night we were talking about the big Valentines' Day Ball, and what we were going to wear. You know, casual girl stuff.


*Over the Week*


Everyday after school, I would get a letter with something attatched to it. Either a bouqet of roses, a box of chocolates or even a tedddy bear. The note would always give hints about him, and how much he really liked me. WOW! This guy was serious! I'll go, since Zayn is uninterested in me. I wish he was though.


*The Day Before the Ball*


It was after schoool on Wednesday, and I was lying down on my bed, watching tv, eating a tub of chocolate ice-cream, sobbing about Zayn. I watched Leona walk into my room, and roll her eyes at me.


"Get off the bed!" she shouted.

I did as I was told and asked, "Why?"


"Because we need to buy a dress for you that'll blow everybodies minds! Then you'll get over that crush on Zayn Malik."


"Okay, fine."


I fixed my hair into a fishtail braid, and moved it to the side. Then I grabbed my purple toms, that matched with my jacket and my wallet.


"I'm ready." I said while wiping ice cream from my face.


We walked out the door and on to the sidewalk. There was this really cute boutique that was next to our college, so we went there. Right when we walked in, I was speechless. I didn't know where to start. But, I saw this dress catch my eye. It was like a strapless pink wedding dress, up to half my thighs. The bottom was fluffy hot pink, and so was the top. Where the fluffiness ended, red heart sequins filled the area.


I ran up to it, grabbed it in my hands, and screamed, "I HAVE TO GET THIS!"


Leona ran up to me and said, "That is totally cute!"


I went into the changeroom, and put it on. It looked beautiful on me. Sexy, but not revealing. Cute, but not kiddish. I walked out of the changeroom to see a gasping Leona.


"That's perfect!" she said. "Fits like a glove."


I went back into the changeroom, and took my dress off. We both walked to the cashier and put the dress on the counter.


"Your lucky." said the blonde cashier. "Our Valentines Day sale has reduced your dress to 20£."


This is to good to be true. I smacked the money on to the counter, and hopped in excitement. Once the cashier was done with all that stuff, me and Leona ran back to our dorm holding the dress so carefully.


"Thank you, Leona." I said.


"No prob." she replied. "Go to sleep, you've got a big day tomorrow."


I went to bed, after hanging the dress in my closet.


*Next Day*


The whole day was filled with happiness and love. Boys sending girls roses, secretly or lovingly. I got one every period with a note attached, by my secret admirer, of course. In science, I was the only one who got one. As soon as the rose delivery guy came, I saw a smile spread across Zayn's face. Strange.


School finished early, just for the big ball. All guys had to wear a red mask if they were expecting somebody, or pink if they were dating somebody. I ran home to see Leona in her dress texting her boyfriend. I ran to my room and put my dress on and some red flats. Then I put on some mascara, eyeliner and pink lipstick. As I stepped out if the room, Leona's jaw dropped.


"Shall we?" she asked gesturing her elbow towards me.


"We shall." I replied taking her arm. We waked out the door, straight into the colleges gym. Leona said she had to use the washroom, and ran away, leaving me alone at the top of the staircase. Suddenly, the spot light dropped on me, and eyes glared at me. Some people gasping, while girls crying of jealousy. I walked down the stairs, with the spot light following me. I was looking at who was controlling the lights, and it was Leona! I'll get her back.


It was 10 minutes to 8:00, so I walked to the middle of the dance floor, hoping I wasn't to early. I saw a handsome body, with a face covered by a red mask. I walked towards him, nervously.


"Hi." I said.


"Hello beautiful." said the admirer. A slow song came on.


"May I have this dance?" he asked bowing.


"Yes." I said taking his hands.


We started to dance and talk a lot, still wishing Zayn was here. It was 1 minute to 8:00.


"All boys, please take off your masks." said a chaperone teacher.


The admirer took off his mask. I saw his face, and it grew a smile.


"Z-z-z-z-ayn?" I stuttered.


"Yes, Jesssica?" he asked.


"You're my secret admirer?"


"Yes I am."


I've started to blush a LOT!


"You're blushing." he said.


"I know I am." I said, smiling at the ground.


"Your so beautiful tonight."


"Tonight?" I asked, being sarcastic.


"N-n-n-n-o! That's not what I meant!"


"Really?" I asked.


"Yes. You're beautiful every time I see you. You have that something special that makes me fall in love with you everytime I see you."


I stood there speechless.


"I love you." he said, smiling at me.


"I love you too." I responded. 


We stood their staring into each others brown eyes. Zayn's head came towards me, bringing our lips to touch. As soon as we let go of the kiss, I swear I saw fireworks go off.


"Happy Valentines Day." we both said in unison.

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