Through Your Eyes

Saying Emma was a typical 17 year old girl would be more than an understatement. It would just be a lie. Emma WAS normal, she was typical. Until she got sick. The illness left her blind. She hadn't seen in almost 4 years. When fate leads her to Niall Horan, will she be able to love him? Or will fear of the unknown, the unseen, keep her from falling in love?


4. The Start of Something New


After the flight, everything happened in a blur. Fans found us and chased us for a while. We went to go get ready for the show. We did the show. Everything just happened. I wasn't interested or aware of any of the details. All I was thinking about was the possible ways Louis could get back at me. He sat next to me on the flight and I was sweating bullets. He seems innocent and sweet, but when he wants to, he can strike fear into your very soul. My possible theories for his revenge include:

~ending up somewhere naked.

~losing my guitar.

Or worst of all,

~taking away my Nando's 

I know, you're all thinking it's stupid for me to be upset by something as stupid as a restaurant but hey, that shit's amazing. I shivered at the thought. Louis couldn't really get rid of Nandos, could he? But, Louis is capable of so much.... What if he did take away Nandos... My heart just couldn't take it...

"Niall? You alright, mate?" I shook myself from my thoughts, looking around. "Wah?" I croaked. 
"Just came to check on you. Did you sleep at all last night?" I focused on the person talking to me. It was Liam. 
"I-I guess I didn't sleep at all..." I murmured. Liam just shook his head, looking disappointed. 

"Look, Ni, you've gotta let this "thing" with Louis go. You were totally spaced out during the interview and you didn't even talk on the way home, just went straight to your room afterwards. He's messing with your head." He said in a worried tone. I just say there and stared blankly, blinking occasionally. Liam just shook his head and stood from my bed. 

"We leave for the airport in a few hours. Try to get some rest?" He asked looking at me hopefully. I sighed, "Fine, Li. I'll try to sleep." I said nodding sleepily. He smiled happily and hopped back out of the room. As soon as my door was shut, I huffed loudly and threw myself back onto the mattress. 

There's no way I'm getting to sleep. But I can't disappoint sweet Liam. I shut my eyes and to my surprise, sleep came over me and my worries of Louis washed away. 



I woke in the morning to the smell of breakfast. There was no way I was at home. Either I got my own breakfast, or I didn't eat at home I sat up from the hotel bed and felt against the walls and tried to make my way to Lauren. 

"Lauren?" I called feeling all around me. 
"Hold on, Em! Coming!" She sang back from what I'm assuming was the kitchen. I smiled and stood, waiting for her to come get me. 

I heard her footsteps approaching and stuck out my hand for her to take it. She grabbed it and led me behind her. 

"How long till we go to the airport?" I asked. She continued to lead me as she answered. 

"A couple hours. Just wanted to make you a special AMERICAN breakfast before we go to England for who knows how long." She said. She led me to a table and sat me down where she set a plate in front of me. I smelled it and smiled. Bacon was surely on the plate, although that's all I was sure of. 

"Bon appetité! The finest bacon, eggs, and toast with a tall glass of pulp free orange juice." She stated in a funny British accent. I giggled, "Thanks". 

I felt around for my fork and quickly dove in, taking bites of whatever happened to land on my fork. I could hear Lauren giggling behind me. 

"What's so funny?" I asked, still shoveling food into my mouth. 

"You eat like you've never seen food before!" She said, breaking into another fit of laughs. I laughed slightly still eating the breakfast. Soon, I reached my fork down and only felt air when I lifted it back up. I poked my lip out a little, but just thanked Lauren for the breakfast and stood from the table.

"Anything you need my help with?" I asked standing and tracing circles on the table. I heard the sound of things clanking into the trash can.

"Um, yeah, can you make the beds?" She asked. I nodded and walked towards the beds. That's one of the many things I like about Lauren. She doesn't act like I'm useless and she knows I like to have something to do. Even if the bed isn't made perfectly, it makes me happy to help. 

I found my way to the bed and made it to the best of my ability. Then, I sat on the bed and ended up dozing off, being woken by Lauren in time to leave for our flight. 

-This will be good for me- Was all I told myself on the ride to the airport. And for some reason, I had a gut feeling that there was something waiting for me... Obviously my aunt is, but someone else... And it excited me.


"Niall? Pssst" I heard someone whisper.
"Huh?" I groaned. 
"It's time to go." The voice whispered again. My eyes shot open and looked around the room. Zayn was looking down at me. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. 
"Coming...." I said quietly. I scooted off the side of my bed and picked up my suitcase. I headed for the door, not even bothering to change or fix my hair. I was about to twist the doorknob when my stomach growled loudly. I thought back to yesterday and couldn't remember what I ate for lunch or dinner. That wasn't like me... I need to let this whole Louis thing go. He won't really do anything. 


Liam said Niall's a wreck. I wonder why? I haven't done anything to get even, in fact, I'm not even planning on getting revenge. I believe the best revenge is played on the mind. I assume Niall's paranoid and, to me, watching him squirm is better than actually getting even. Yeah, it sounds cruel, but not as cruel as actually doing something to him. Like I did to Zayn... But I gotta admit it was pretty funny... Although, Zayn freaked out. He acted as if his life was going to end. I could never do that to sweet Nialler. He's too innocent and adorable. I'll have my fun but, soon, my little prank must come to an end-as all enjoyable things in life do-. I'll tell Niall my plan from the beginning and we'll have a good laugh. Hopefully, Niall won't be angry.


"You ready, Em?" I heard Lauren ask. Her tone was worried so I quickly sat up straight and put on my bravest face. 
"Yeah, I'm ready." I said flashing a small smile. That was convincing, right? It must've been because with my statement, I heard Lauren's car door open and shut. Seconds later I felt the cool breeze from outside indicating that my door was now open.   I took one more deep breathe before taking Lauren's hand and stepping out of the car. 

This is it. 

This is the start of my new life.

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