No Trust, Can't Fall

Fae was always a "piece of work" . She is in care , she want's to run away, she never will. It's easier not to trust, then you won't be let down. It should be simple , don't talk, motion or make eyes contact with anyone. But when a young child is depending on her to save her from the bullies, will she prove as strong as she seems?


3. The Runaway

I was awakened by a scream , followed by a long ling of curse words. I wonder what's going on? I just burrowed deeper under the blankets and waited for sleep to overcome me. I dreamt about friends , what it would be like to have proper friends. I have not always been alone. I used to have this friend called Poppy, right goody-goody she was. But she was the only friend  I had . I did grow to love her, but the social workers dragged me from her, from my home. I wanted to stay with my family. Honestly I did. My last words to them where " I'll be good, I promise!" followed by long shrikes down the school corridor . that's right , once the decision was final . I was called to the office, talked to and dragged away from that life, kicking and screaming. Seven years old. The final words I said I said t hem to Poppy. "I'll see you at school" I never did, they moved me to the same school as every one else here.

                   I was awoken with a loud bang as Darren opened my door with his mini drum set ,"Get up Fae, time for school!" he shouted . I'm not stupid, it's Saturday. I never did notice the small camp bed at the end of my bed until I got up. I saw it and screamed. Dylan , the care worker, ran in and exclaimed ," Why are you making such a racket!" . Oh, I see you 've meet Carter!" I shook my head at his fiercely and pointed to the younger looking girl , with a  boyish side fringe . She looked up at me with piercing blue eyes. Not as mesmerizing as mine, though. Dylan went on , I caught  the words "share" "room" and "doesn't " "talk" . Oh joy, maybe I could look after her like Anastasia (Anna) looks after Emma. No Darren is not the only boy , Ryan lives her to , he is  arrogant and loud mouthed . He was filed as a run away, I wrote  on paper, asking him for tips . He said he won't write or talk to me because I'm a freak. Well that put me in my place. I got me a roomie! fun,fun,fun,fun,fun. NOT

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