No Trust, Can't Fall

Fae was always a "piece of work" . She is in care , she want's to run away, she never will. It's easier not to trust, then you won't be let down. It should be simple , don't talk, motion or make eyes contact with anyone. But when a young child is depending on her to save her from the bullies, will she prove as strong as she seems?


4. The Fun!.

 The fun .I always have fun. Lies, lies. See ,we have this thing were we go on a "fun" trip. It honestly never is fun. Today we went to the village. We got twenty pounds each. I went to the cinema, to see Monsters Inc. It was apparently fantastic. I got my ticket for £6.00 and spent the rest on sweets . What! I went into the dark cinema and sat down in a corner seat by myself. I saw a family come towards me. I sighed , they sat down beside me. A little girl sat beside me, of about two. 

          "You look like my swister!" She said in an unknowing voice. I smiled at her , her mother looked at her. Her eyes met mine. She looked just like my -. Want to know why?Because it flipping was! In the cinema. The movie started, wait where did the kid come from? Must of had another one that they where going to hate! Awkwardly sitting there, I begin slowly placing pop-corn in my mouth. The movie was less in joy able with my , my, Sister. Staring at me the whole way through. When it was over I put the remaining sweets into a plastic bag. And busted my self out of there . This always happens to me, I don't see Samara's mum showing up randomly . Before I could make it out the door. , a hand grabbed my arm. I wanted to scream , but that would show them weakness.

       " We tried to see you!" shouted mum, I just gave her a dirty look at tried to move. Yet again failing.

         "I wove you!" shouted the little girl. Honestly , lies , lies and more lies! They shouldn't of put me in care then! Bloody hell. If they loved me enough , they would of came and rescued me! They obviously love that child more!! I gave them a look and , to be honest, I was close to tears. Suddenly, a serge of power flooded through  me, I pulled out of there grip. I ran out of the cinema's and into the parking lot. I quickly glanced up and down to see if anyone was about. I saw a flash of blonde. People were surrounding her . Carter. I stood still for a minute , then bolted back through the doors.

          "We saw you , with the freak! " teased Lacey , a typical 10 year old popular !

Carter looked dead scared , so I walked over. Casually , as casual as you get when you are a girl with a big head and an ugly face. Yes, I'm one of the people who believe there ugly. I just sort of pushed through the small group and grabbed Carter by the scruff of her collar. I dragged her out of there. We walked outside. We waited. The others came in small groups and eventually Dylan and Gemma walked over to the van. I just couldn't be bothered anymore. Too much excitement for one day. But little did I know it had only started.......   

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