No Trust, Can't Fall

Fae was always a "piece of work" . She is in care , she want's to run away, she never will. It's easier not to trust, then you won't be let down. It should be simple , don't talk, motion or make eyes contact with anyone. But when a young child is depending on her to save her from the bullies, will she prove as strong as she seems?


1. Prolouge

I am in a car, I woke up . I don't know were I am. Last I remember is I fell asleep in my family room. I trust no one, I don't have disappointment in my life. I trusted a boy, my forever friends boy. He ruined me, told everyone my secret . I wont even write it down, this book could fall in to the wrong hands. I just sort of sit there , like I'm still asleep. I hear a fast , upbeat song, my life used to be upbeat, I just feel ugly, unloved and just depressed. There is two people in the front , I don't know who they are, a lady and man.

         " When do you think she'll wake up?" the man asked , in a voice that sounded like he had recently recovered from a bad cold. The lady laughed in a loud, croaky voice. I recognised that laugh, it was the laugh of-

          And that's when I woke up....  

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