No Trust, Can't Fall

Fae was always a "piece of work" . She is in care , she want's to run away, she never will. It's easier not to trust, then you won't be let down. It should be simple , don't talk, motion or make eyes contact with anyone. But when a young child is depending on her to save her from the bullies, will she prove as strong as she seems?


2. Never again

Ha , nothing stays quiet here. Samara saw me writing in this book, she laughed at me. She threatened to tell everyone, read it out.. I just stayed quiet , as usual . This is why I don't trust people, they always let you down. Remember, when I said I fell asleep in the family room. I did, but it's not really a family room, considering the people who live here aren't exactly , well family. That's right, I live in a children's home. Why, I was a difficult child. I didn't want to, read , like the monsters I call my parents wanted me to. They had this mental idea the I was going to become the next Einstein or something. I rebelled of coarse , I screamed, I kicked, I cursed. This became an everyday thing. One day, a teacher had told me to be quiet, that's what I did. I went home, just six, smiled at my parents and grabbed a book. I killed them with kindness. I thought I was so smart. Bur now I can't talk, we should just say, I've forgotten how to.  A few months into this ,I began giving people who called me names, these creepy smiles. My monsters told me to stop . I could still talk with in this part. I said no, they asked why . And I said because I hate everyone, that I should just go to sleep forever. This creped then out of coarse.

         A few weeks later my Aunt Rose and Cousin Amy came to stay.








I was having a normal seven year old play time, with my tea-set. I heard a loud scream

             "But I don't want to stay with the freak, she might ruin my things!"  I knew the voice . The voice of my spoilt blonde haired beauty of a cousin. She continued to moan and whine, through  lunch and dinner. Her mother kept telling her of,

      " It's rather rude to insult someone, in there own home" she would whisper. My monsters looked uncomfortable , good!  I am a disgrace, I have been bluntly told many times.

           The next morning I stared at her through, well , everything. She was trying to ignore me , I mentally laughed , like you could ignore my bright blue eyes staring in to the back of her head like flying saucers. I am a very twisted child, it's not that bad , I could be playing with her hair. Oh her glorious , fantastic blonde full head of hair . I wanted it so badly, all the boys would be after me, like they chased after her! I eventually gave up trying to scare her, it was clear I couldn't distract her anymore. But she was more scared than I though. she told Aunty . Aww ,poor little Amy needs her mummy. She told my monsters . They suggested  that I go and live with my other Aunty.In Spain. One screaming fit lead to another, and that's why I'm here, with more unfortunate children.


                                                     End of Flashback


Samara told everyone, that I kept a diary. They have always called me a freak, but a freak who can tell us all about her past. This was to much. I ran to my room, I had stopped the whole scaring people thing. Apparently it could make my eyes bleed? I don't know, I just keep to my self . I made an enemy as soon as I walked through the door, Samara and Samantha . Best friends, can't keep a secret for there lives , you get the idea. I fought back for a while . Me being seven and thinking that I knew it all. I soon found that I know nothing. I didn't know how anything worked. I turned nine and realised that even if I give my all. The harder you try the harder you fall. I grew up about five years more quickly on that day. 

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