No Trust, Can't Fall

Fae was always a "piece of work" . She is in care , she want's to run away, she never will. It's easier not to trust, then you won't be let down. It should be simple , don't talk, motion or make eyes contact with anyone. But when a young child is depending on her to save her from the bullies, will she prove as strong as she seems?


6. Ignore them

After school I just went inside my room, well I wasn't just MY room now as I have to share it. I was quite worried about having a roomie, I liked having a little time to myself, but that was all gone now..

''Hi'' Carter said, I just gave her a blank look and he just walked out the room.

I couldn't stop thinking that I have met my parents, and they wanted me back. If they wanted me that much they would come for me, but they were never like that, they made promises that couldn't be kept. That's the problem with my life. It's all one big promise that will never be kept.

''So who were they weirdo's you were with'' Gemma asked. she walked into my room with her hands on her hips, I was busy writing in my book so I didn't even bother looking up because I knew she would have a evil grin on her face. ''Not going to answer, we'll see about that'' She grabbed my book and started tearing all the pages out and throwing them in the air, I opened my mouth, I was about to talk but nothing came out.

''Bye!'' Gemma finally left, I looked on my rug and there was loads of pages of my book, I felt a salty tear drip down my face, all the way down to my cheek, then more and more, It was the first time I had cried in over a month.

'' somebody upset'' Dylan came in, He looked down at the torn out pages, and chuckled to himself with a smug look on the evil face of his.

I couldn't stand this anymore...I couldn't...It was to much to handle at once.


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