Through Thick and Thin.

Hi! My name's Amelia Jade Thirwall. You can call me Jade. I'm bestfriends with Niall James Horan, from One Direction. We've known eachother since before kindergarten. When I was 1 and he was 3 my parents got a huge job offer and they couldn't have kids there. So his parents took me in. He promised he'd always be here through thick and thin. Will he keep his promise or will he break it? Read to find out.


6. Mysterious kisser/The three muskateers!

~JADE'S POV~ I was walking throughte hall at around 3am to get some ice for Perrie, and all of the sudden a door opens a hand comes out, grabs me pulls me in and covers my mouth. "Shh." The person said. It was dark, so I couldn't see them. "Who are you?" I mombled with my mouth still covered. Suddenly i feel the softest lips press against mine. "Your an amazing kisser, whoever you are." I said with a smile. "You are too." The voice said. They used a voice changer, so i couldnt tell who it was. ~????'S POV~ I was hiding in a room waiting for Jade to walk by. Once she did, I pulled her in, and kissed her. I just couldn't help myself, I mean she is just so beautiful and funny. "You are and amazing kisser whoever you are." She said. "You are too." I used my voice changer, so hopefully she coudn't tell who I was. ~PERRIE'S POV~ Geesh, Where is Jade? I need that ice! And I havent seen Zayn since before she left. Hmmm? I think I'll call one of my old friends, Jesy. I grab my phone and dialed her number; *phone conversation* *M=me & J=Jesy*
J; "Hello?"
M; "Hey i know its late, but i wanted to know if you wanna come over?"
J; "yeah sure ill be there in just a minute."
M; "Kay bye! Love you!"
J; "bye! Love you too!"
*phone call ended*
*knock knock* "Coming!!" I yelled. "Hey!!! I have misses you SO much! My life has been HELL without you!!" Jesy shouted whilst hugging me. "OH MY GOD!! Ahh! I missed you to!!" I replied. "OH MY GOD!! Jesy?! Is that you?!" Jade shouted tapping Jesy on the shoulder. "OH MY GOD!! Jade?!?!" They both hugged. "Woah woah woah! Hold up! You two know eachother?!" I asked "YES!!" They answered at the same time. "How?" I asked. "We went to senior school together! I missed you so much!" Jade answered. "I missed you too!" Jesy replied. Wow this is so wierd! Jesy and i were friends in senior school and so were Jest and Jade. How didnt i know her? Wait i remember Jesy talking about Jade all the time now! ~JADE'S POV~ I cant believe i never met Perrie in senior school! I mean I knew who she was, you know, everyone did. This is gonna be an amazing night! ~JESY'S POV~ I knew both of them, but they never knew eachother? Thats weird!! I cant believe i got my two bestfriends back! We are gonna be like the 3 muskateers!!
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