Through Thick and Thin.

Hi! My name's Amelia Jade Thirwall. You can call me Jade. I'm bestfriends with Niall James Horan, from One Direction. We've known eachother since before kindergarten. When I was 1 and he was 3 my parents got a huge job offer and they couldn't have kids there. So his parents took me in. He promised he'd always be here through thick and thin. Will he keep his promise or will he break it? Read to find out.


2. Meeting the 5 people that changed my life forever!

~JADES POV~ "We are here!" The driver confirmed. We got our bags and took them up to our room. After we got settled I asked her, "Wanna go meet the rest of One Direction?"
"Urrrmm? Why would even ask that?!"
"Sorry you must be tired we can meet them later. Sorry."
"No silly! I was just saying that it was a dumb question to ask because you should have known the answer was yes!! Duh!" She smiled her pearly whites at me. We walked to Harry and Louis room and knocked on the door.
"You excited? Your face is like blood red and you are smiling more than usual?"
~JADES POV~ I cannot believe im meeting Harry, Louis, Liam, & Zayn!! OMG im so excited i think Niall noticed because he is staring with concern in his eyes.
"You excited? Your face is like blood red and you are smiling more than usual?"
"Is it that noticable?? I want to look good for them! Im a huge Directioner!! Im gonna die if they dont like me!"
"Oh you'll be perfectly fine!" Just then the door swung open and there stood Harry Edward Styles! Without a shirt on!! Omg this day cant get any better! I couldnt help but stare, i hope he doesnt notice!
~HARRYS POV~ There was a knock at the door and I assumed it was Niall he said he would be over in an hour and that he wants us to meet someone. I opened the door to find Niall standing there with the most beautiful woman in the entire world! She had Purple-ish hair and chocolate brown eyes. She was beautiful! I noticed her staring at my stoumach and i realised I didnt have a shirt on. Niall covered her eyes and she pushed his hand down and peeked with a cheeky smile. Wow i just met her and i can already tell shes my type!
"Im Harry. Where is the beast?"
"What beast?" She replied.
"Well with every Beauty, there has to be a beast." I stated.
"Oh wow I knew you were a flirt i just didnt think you would flirt with me."
"Why woulnt I? You are bueatiful! Whats your name love?"
"I am Amelia Jade Thirwall."
"Oh well that is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl, Amelia." I kissed her hand.
"Well i like to be called Jade." She replied quickly.
"Errm okay well then Jade." I replied awkwardly. She smiles and nods her head.
"Whos that harry?" Louis walked up behind me.
"Niall and Amelia. Excuse me, Jade sorry."
"Do you like carrots?" Louis asked her.
"Yes!! I am in love with them!" She squeaked.
"You are my new best friend!!"
"We gotta go meet the rest. Maybe we will all go do something later." Niall butted in.
"Bye, love." I winked.
"Bye fellow carrot lover!"
"Bye!" She waved sweetly.
"Bye, love." Harry winked so cutely.
"Bye fellow carrot lover!" Louis shouted.
"Bye!" I waved back.
"Next stop, Zayn's room be careful, he might have his bratty girlfriend, Perrie, over." Niall told me.
"Woah, woah, woah! Hold up! 'Bratty?' Perrie is not bratty! I happen to love her! Very much!" I stopped dead in my tracks and told him off.
"Woah! Sorry babe I..." I cut him off.
"Dont 'babe' me! I'll find his room myself, so dont bother following me!" I firmly stated, and then flipped my hair snapped my fingers and turned. I was walking down the hall alone when i see the next room. I decided to knock to see if it was Zayn's. *Knock knock*
"Who is it?" A girls voice yelled.
"Errm is Zayn there?" I asked innocently.
"Who is asking?" She asked opening the door.
"Amelia Jade Thirwall." I smiled.
"Okay hold on ill get him. Zayn!! You have company!!" She yelled.
"Who are you? Please tell me your not a crazed fan?!" He asked scared.
"Im a fan just not a crazed fan. Im one of Nialls friends we just got into a fight, so i told him not to follow me." I replied
"Oh well im sorry to hear that. Whats your name?"
"Amelia Jade Thirwall."
"Hello Amelia."
"Please. Call me Jade." I said with a smile holding out my hand. He shook it and smiled.
"Well ive got to find Liams room so ill see you later!" I said turning to leave.
"Wait, i can have him come down here. I dont want you to get lost. If thats okay with you?" Perrie grabbed my arm.
"Okay thanks!" I hug her. I cant believe Niall would say that she is bratty! She is so nice! I was pulled out of my thoughts by a bunch of girls screaming Liams name. The door bursts open and in came Liam running for his life.
"Wow! Whatever you wanted better be good! I almost died!" Liam said jokingly.
"Well it is!" Zayn nodded towards me.
"Hi! Im Amelia Jade Thirwall. But please call me Jade."
"Hello Jade!" He said with a smile.
"She needs a place to stay her and Niall got into a fight." Zayn said to Liam.
"Well i dont think Danielle would like her staying with me. So im sorry." Liam replied.
"Ooh ooh ooh she can stay here!" Perrie begged zayn.
"I guess that would be fine. But she'll have to sleep on the couch, we only have one bed." Zayn said.
"No you can sleep on the couch Zayn! I will not let my new bestie sleep on a hard couch!" Perrie corrected him.
"And you will let your boyfriend?" He asked with an eyebrow raised.
"Yes i will!" She laughed.
"Ugh fine. But i will have payback on you!" He laughed and plopped on the couch with his pillow and blanket. Liam left and Zayn fell asleep so Perrie and I got out hers and my makeup and drew on his face. We stayed up until 4:30 AM! I cant wait to see my future with these people!
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