Through Thick and Thin.

Hi! My name's Amelia Jade Thirwall. You can call me Jade. I'm bestfriends with Niall James Horan, from One Direction. We've known eachother since before kindergarten. When I was 1 and he was 3 my parents got a huge job offer and they couldn't have kids there. So his parents took me in. He promised he'd always be here through thick and thin. Will he keep his promise or will he break it? Read to find out.


4. Man, I think I actually like this girl?

~LIAMS POV~ i was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when my phone rang in the living room: 'You say it’s better if we love each other separately.
I just need you one more time
I can’t get what we had off my mind,
Where are you now? When I need you around
I'm on my knees but it seems we're...'
"Hello?" I ask.
"Hey man, ill be there in a few. I have a question for you." Niall murmured.
"Okay, bye." I ended the call. I wonder what his question is? The doorbell rang pulling me out of my thoughts. It must be Niall.
"Hey what do you need?" I asked expecting Niall.
"Err i have to talk to you. I need advice. And how did you know I was coming?" Jade asked.
"Oh sorry I was expecting Niall. But what do you need advice on?" I asked concerned.
"Urrm well last night Harry and I got stuck in the elevator alone and.." I cut her off.
"He didnt try to.... You know... Did he?" I asked.
"No, he asked me to be his girlfriend." She replied.
"What did you say?" I asked.
"Well, of course i said no, because you know, we just met and all but he acted mad after. I dont want to have another person mad at me Liam I cant handle one person being mad at me i cant have two! Liam I really need your help!" She was in tears by now. "Well, all we can hope for is him not to be that ignorrant. If he is mad, you dont need to be with him. Plus, all Harry wants with a girl is .. You know. But dont tell him I said that, okay?" I answered. "Thanks, Liam you really helped! I love you!" She responded hugging me. Just as we were hugging, Niall walked through the door. "Jade why didnt you tell me you and Liam were together? I knew you guys would hit it off, but what about Dani?" Niall asked. We both looked down and blushed. "We're not together we are just really close." Jade corrected him. "Well you guys should! You would be so cute!" He confirmed. "So, Niall what did you need?" I ask. "You know what? I actually forget." He answered laughing. "Well I should go and let you two talk im sure you'll remember. Thanks for the freindly advice, both of you! Love you guys!" She kissed us both on the cheek and was off. Man, I think I actually like this girl?
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