Through Thick and Thin.

Hi! My name's Amelia Jade Thirwall. You can call me Jade. I'm bestfriends with Niall James Horan, from One Direction. We've known eachother since before kindergarten. When I was 1 and he was 3 my parents got a huge job offer and they couldn't have kids there. So his parents took me in. He promised he'd always be here through thick and thin. Will he keep his promise or will he break it? Read to find out.


7. Catching Feelings<3

~JADE'S POV~ I was in the bathroom when i hear a voice that I know. It sounds like my life-long bestfriend Leigh-Anne! O.M.G!! When we were younger, we had a band called 'Ryth Mix' , we actually tried out for the X-Factor, and made it but quit so we could finish school! I walk out and she's talking to someone on the phone. L: "I think this is it? I don't see her anywhere. I just see 5 boys, and 2 girls. Wait never mind! I found her!!" She spoke ending the call. "LEIGH-ANNE!!! I missed you so damn much!!" I shouted hugging her. "MIA!! I missed you too!!" She calls me Mia cause of Amelia. "Who is this, Jade?" Jesy asked. "My fellow band member, Leigh-Anne!" I spoke back. "What band?" Harry asked. "Ryth Mix." Leigh-Anne replied. She introduced herself as 'Lia' that was our names for the band, Lia and Mia. "Since shes new, lets play truth or dare!!" Louis shouted. Everyone agreed. "Truth or dare, Harry?" Louis asked. "DARE!!" "I dare you to exchange clothing with Jade!" We went into the bathroom to change. He was undressed waiting for my clothes. (He had his boxers on!) "Don't look." I say. "Why?" "Because you're not my boyfriend. Remember? I said no!" "Well I wish you were." "Ill tell you what, one kiss!" I said. He smirked. I sat on his lap facing him, and kissed him softly. It soon turned into a rough, but passionate one. "HURRY UP IN THERE!!" Louis yelled, making us jump and pull away. We walk out and they laugh. "Sup dudes! Im Harry Styles!" I acted like him flipping my hair. "Oh my god shut up Harry! Im having a crisis! See? I broke a nail!" He acted like a girl. We laughed. "Okay..... Leigh-Anne, truth or dare?" Harry asked her. "Dare!" She responded immediately. "I dare you to kiss me!" He dared her smirking. She did as told. "We should go to karaoke land!" Perrie suggested. We agreed. Once we were there, the boys went first. "The sun comes up on another morning
My mind never wakes up without you on it
And it's crazy to me, I even see you in my dreams
Is this meant to be? Could this be happening to me?
We were best of friends since we were this high
So why do I get nervous every time you walk by
We would be on the phone all day
Now I can't find the words to say to you
Now what am I supposed to do?
Could there be a possibility
I'm trying to say what's up
'Cause I'm made for you, and you for me
Baby now its time for us
Tryna keep it all together
But enough is enough
They say we're too young for love
But I'm catching feelings doo-do-doo-doo-do-do-do-do-do-do-doo
Catching feelings doo-do-doo-doo-do-do-do-do-do-do-doo." "Niall.. I... I... I'm... I dont know what to say?" I stuttered. "Just say yes!" He answered. "Yes!!" He picked me up and hugged me. "Aww! That was so cute!! So whats your answer?!?!" 2 girls asked. "Who are you?" "Janay, and Nicki." They answered. "Does this answer your question?" Niall asked. The. Looked into my eyes and kissed me!!! His lips were so soft and plump! "Hey you girls should stay with us!" Jesy suggested. "I can't im booked." Nicki answered. "I can, I just got kicked out of my house since im 18. My parents think I need a house." Janay answered. "Well you stay as long as you need!" Leigh-Anne confirmed. "Thanks!" She thanked her. ~LIAMS POV~ RING RING my phone started ringing. It was Danielle! "Hey babe! I miss you!" I answered. "Hey! We need to talk, i just wanna be friends sorry." She hung up just as I heard a mans voice in the background. I can't believe her! 2 can play at this game! Leigh-Anne's pretty cute I'll get her! "Leigh-Anne? Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked realising how beautiful she really was. "Liam!! Well, i dont know, we just met but i really like you too! So my answer is....." *Author's Note* CLIFFHANGER!!! Hahaaaa!!!! I've been busy so thats why i haven't been updating! Tell your friends about this story PWEEAAZZ!! My goal is 150 reader, 20 likes, and 35 favourites!! I love you all!! xx
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