Through Thick and Thin.

Hi! My name's Amelia Jade Thirwall. You can call me Jade. I'm bestfriends with Niall James Horan, from One Direction. We've known eachother since before kindergarten. When I was 1 and he was 3 my parents got a huge job offer and they couldn't have kids there. So his parents took me in. He promised he'd always be here through thick and thin. Will he keep his promise or will he break it? Read to find out.


8. A night with Liam.

I sat there staring at her for a moment scared for her response. "My answer is..." She began as i looked her in the eyes. "No, I think we should get to know each-other first. I mean i like you too... But we don't really know each other that well. Im sorry Liam." She apologised sweetly. "No, no. It's fine I understand perfectly." I gave her a warm smile before exiting the room to find Jade.
I was just getting out the shower when i heard a knock and thought it was most likely one of the girls. So i decided just to throw on whatever i found... Niall's old t-shirt. It was long enough to just barely cover my bum, but we're all girls here right? I pulled open the bathroom door sprinting towards the door whilst putting my hair in a messy bun. "Yes?" I asked meanwhile opening the door. O.M.G!! This is SO awkward!!! It was Liam! "Uh?" He asked. "Oops!! Sorry! I thought you were one of the girls!" I replied covering myself up. "Anyways.. I need to talk to you?" He asked. "Sure! Whats up?" I replied. "Danielle.. She err... She urm.. Broke up with me....." His voice started to crackle. "Wait! What? Why!?" I asked confused at why dani would ever do such a thing. "I don't really know. Right before she hung up.. I errm... I heard a man's voice in the background..." He looked to the floor and continued. "What did i do to make her hate me so much to cheat on me? I dont know what I did Jade. Did she say anything to you?" He asked concerned. "No, I mean not that I understood, like if it was a hint or something I didn't catch it." I answered thinking about the recent times we've spoken. Few tears escaping is right eye.
Jay looked downed at her phone and gasped. "What's wrong Jay?" She looked up at me with hurt and anger in her eyes. "Jay? What's wrong?" I could tell something was up. She showed me the screen of her phone and I couldn't believe my eyes! Niall was with another girl and was bringing her up to his room!! "When was this taken?!" I half shouted. "2 minutes ago." She replied looking at the floor. I jumped grabbed her hand and dragged her with me to Niall's room and luckily he wasn't there yet. We sat on the sofa waiting for him to come in doing god only knows what with that girl. About 2 minutes later, they bursted through the door. Without even looking at us, he pushed her up against the door and kissed her. Jay started to cry into my chest I stood up still holding onto Jay, and cleared my throat. They jumped and turned around. Neither of them looking drunk one bit. He told us we should go and we did. I can't believe him!!!
We waited for Niall to come in whilst we sat on the sofa in the living room. They bursted through the and started kissing. Liam clear his throat and they looked up stunned. "Uh? I think you guys should go." He said coldly. We went back to Liam's room. "You can stay here if you want." Liam suggested. "Thanks so much Liam! You're the best!" I guess tonight's my night with Liam.
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