What? A two thousand year old demigod saiyan

Charlotte Jackson, daughter of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Jackson has woken up from two thousand years in hyper-sleep. What will the z fighters make of this strange 14 year old girl and is one of there old enemies back? But things might go wrong for the young demi-god saiyan. A bit of an AU. No Buu and Goku doesn't die in the cell games. There is swearing so don't read if your sensitive to that stuff. Gohan/OC


4. Waking Up

Chapter 4

Vegeta's POV

We set the brat on a bed with ki draining chains around her waist, wrists and ankles, this time we weren't going to take any chances. Once we had finished tying her down she started to thrash around like she was having a nightmare, she screamed and cried, whimpered and mumbled then tried to curl into a ball to protect her-self from the things that haunted her dreams. She suddenly fell limp and started mumbling, "ΩΡΙΩΝ? ΩΡΙΩΝ, is that you? Why did you work for him, go into the river Στυξ for him? You had a choice. Please tell me. No! ΩΡΙΩΝ don't go, please don't leave me again. NO!" She screamed then woke up startled, trying to sit up, and started crying. 'Weakling,' I snarled in my thoughts 'no saiyan is allowed to cry, it makes us look weak.' The brat closed her sapphire bluish-grey eyes, blinked away the tears and set a stony face on. She seemed to start focusing what little power she had left on her left chain, she made the chain longer. Wait, LONGER! This can't be happening. She then moved her hand to where the beast had attacked her earlier. I could sense her pain but the hard look on her face did not waver and she pressed harder. She sighed, she must know what the damage was and judging by her look, it wasn't good. She made a peculiar movement with her wrist and the water from the cup Bulma was drinking from started to move. I was shocked, no one could move water let alone control it! Everyone was even more confused than when we brought her in the first time.


After they had put the girl on the bed, they split up. Trunks and Goten had gone off to do something, Roshi was probably looking at something perverted knowing him and the rest had went to the living room to talk about the strange girl. "She's not normal obviously," they had argued, "No she must be a normal human girl who found an old abandoned saiyan ship not some weird alien who landed on earth." "Well she looks human but maybe she's a saiyan (hint hint)?" "What? No there's no more saiyans left, they're all dead!" "SHUT UP!" He had screamed, "Now one at a time, who do you think this kid is?" But before anyone could answer Trunks and Goten had burst in to the room. "Dad, dad, the girl just escaped what should we do?" The twin trouble makers had yelled. That's what had started the whole thing off…..

End of flashback

Charlie's POV

I focused what power I had left and made the water in the air make the chain longer. Then I checked the damn fucking hellhound's claw marks. I willed the water to come to me, then into my wound. I hate hellhounds, especially the ones with poison claws. Always infiltrating poor demi-god minds, trying to make us kill ourselves. Sadly, I was too weak to heal half of the wound like normal. I can't heal wounds completely, I need ambrosia and nectar to do that. I sank back down in the bed and looked at each of the people in front of me. A chalk white kid, three eyed dude, scar face, small bald guy, two boys that looked like they belonged in the Hermes cabin, troublemakers no doubt, a blonde haired girl, spike black haired man, a vegetable head, green bean, a woman who looked like she would hit me on the head with a frying pan, a smart looking blue haired girl and a really cute boy. I blinked. Now is not the time about thinking of boyfriends. But I half to admit, he is really hot and muscular and…. Ahhhhhh. Why now Aphrodite, why now. He is the enemy. Right? Right! I know you said you would make my love life hard and so on but really? Now of all times? Why oh why. Right Charlie now is not the time to start feeling sorry for yourself, think positive. Suddenly I had a pain in my left arm, turning to see what it was I saw a puncture hole the size of a needle….. They injected me with something! " Who are you?" Green bean asked. "Charlotte Percabeth Jackson." I answered without a second thought. Styx, they injected me with truth serum. "Where are you from?" The blonde haired girl said a low quite voice. "Camp Half-blood, Long Island, New York state, the USA, North America, Earth." I replied. They looked puzzled at that. "What are you?" Vegetable head asked next. "Quarter human, quarter saiyan and half god," I say before I could stop myself. If they looked puzzled by my second answer they were completely dumbfounded by that. "What do you mean half god?" The cute spikey boy said bewildered. He asked me something, HE ASKED ME SOMETHING! What do I do, what do I do? "Juuusstt tthhhattt, whhhhatt I ssaaaiiddd, haalffff ggggoddd (That was, Just that what I said half god, if you didn't get that)." I stuttered, just barely replying. Come on Charlie, don't you remember what happened last time you fell in love, Orion sacrificed his life, Theo gave you up to Gaia and John cheated and betrayed you for an Aphrodite child. He will just be like Theo or John or he will get killed or sacrifice himself for you like Orion. Its better you don't know him and he doesn't know you. "Why are you crying?" The black spikey haired troublemaker asked, "Yeh, dad says it's a sign of weakness." The troublemaker with purple hair added in like he was saying I was weak. "Crying can be a sign of strength, you are showing people emotions which they may criticize you about but sometimes people cry because they have been strong for too long," I answered quietly, my voice thick with emotion. I cleared my throat, "Now where is my G-pod and weapons?" I glared at them adding on, "And don't think I don't know what you did, because my G-pod will always come back to me if I lose it so it couldn't have fallen out of my pocket and you would have taken my weapons off me so that I didn't attack you when I woke up." The answer to my question came from green been, "And why would we tell you that?" Smiling the sweetest smile ever, I replied. "Because there is probably a huge group of monsters heading this way to kill me and no amount of ki blasts will kill them. You need Celestial Bronze, Imperial Gold, Orion Silver or Stygian Iron to do that. Only I can stop them since I'm the only demi-god left. Now, get these chains off of me!" The blue haired one pushed a button on some sort of remote control and my chains suddenly came off. "Thanks….." "Bulma, Bulma Briefs," she said smiling. "Well thank you Bulma," I replied softly, standing up and cracking my neck. "This will be one Hades of a fight," I growled, smirking in the proses.

Gohan's POV

As Charlie smirked I couldn't help but think she looked like Vegeta a bit. But waaayyyy cuter. My eyes went wide, where did that come from? She stood up and cleared her throat. "My G-pod?" She said expectantly, raising an eye brow at the same time. I pointed to the table and she picked it up. The black haired girl released her weapons for her gizmo and added, "Oh and I wouldn't come out side while I fight, you might get killed. But if you must watch look out the window or keep to the side of the battle field and don't jump in at any time. No matter how bad it looks." She grinned, her eyes glinting, "Now let's get this show on the road."

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