What? A two thousand year old demigod saiyan

Charlotte Jackson, daughter of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Jackson has woken up from two thousand years in hyper-sleep. What will the z fighters make of this strange 14 year old girl and is one of there old enemies back? But things might go wrong for the young demi-god saiyan. A bit of an AU. No Buu and Goku doesn't die in the cell games. There is swearing so don't read if your sensitive to that stuff. Gohan/OC


3. Return

Chapter 3

Charlie's POV

"Idiot" I muttered about the strange blue haired woman. I didn't want to explain who I was or why I was here, 'maybe I could water travel away from here and check camp encase the gods reign wasn't over'. I thought as we made our way inside the ginormous building. The ALL MIGHTY PRINCE OF THE SAIYANS was current scowling at me, basically meaning if I put one foot he would attack, no questions asked. I didn't give a shit. I sighed, why was my life some complicated. 'Oh gods, I sound like Garion from the Belgariad (that's a book series you know),' I chuckled at my last comment getting strange looks sent my way. I sent them my deluxe 'I'll kill you later and you WILL suffer if you don't stop staring at me right now,' glare and luckily for me they all turned away, some shivering from my glare probably thinking, 'what makes this kid so cold.' We reached the living room and sat on sofas with a coffee table in the middle of them. "Let me introduce ourselves, I'm Goku, this is Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tien, Chiaotzu, Yamcha, Krillin, 18, Chichi and Bulma," said Goku, I looked at each of them in turn analysing the best way to take them down in a fight. Goku is strong but a bit naïve and believes the best in people so I could use that to my advantage. Gohan is strong and clever but will give people a second chance so I could pretend to be weak then when he puts down his guard go to my full strength, taking him by surprise. Goten is childish and dumb but this lets him create new moves easily and he is sort of strong so I will just half to make moves up myself. Trunks is smart and strongish but is over cocky with his strength so I could use the same plan I will use on Gohan. Vegeta is strong, fast and shrew but like Trunks is cocky with his power so I could water travel really fast confusing him and go in for the kill when he is looking the other way. Piccolo is strong and very smart at battle tactics but can get angry if provoked so if I do that his battle senses will become over powered with rage giving me the upper hand. The others will be no problem. "So, why have you come to Earth?" Krillin asked, I decided I was going to play to role of an innocent kid who has seen things no kid should see and was forced into hyper-sleep to protect her from the empire. I put on my most innocent face on and say, "Well, I grew up on this beautiful planet two thousand years ago called Olympus and stayed there until the empire threatened us. My parent made me go into my grandfather's old pod, he moved to Olympus after his family died on planet Vegeta and fell in love with one of the locals there. Anyway the pod went into hyper-sleep and flew off into space just before my planet exploded, my pod malfunctioned and instead of being in hyper-sleep till the empire was destroyed I was in hyper-sleep for two thousand years. My pod landed of the closest, envier mentally, planet to Olympus. Now that my planets gone and I don't know anyone I don't know what to do," I said in my saddest tone I could muster without crying and stared at my feet. I was a great actress, everyone was in shock about my fake life, I decided it was now or never and water travelled away.

Piccolo's POV

Vegeta was in a fit of rage, not only had she made up some story about her life, she had outsmarted us all. I myself just found this amusing but she made her life sound so hard when we, ourselves, had gone through troubled times and she had though nothing about it. I was angered by that part. "Vegeta, just calm down, she didn't mean any harm and doesn't know what we've been through. She was probably scared and ran off," Goku was saying, trying to calm Vegeta down. "No Kakarot, I will not calm down, she made up a story about her life and we've done things she will never do, never imagine what we've done," Vegeta was yelling. The others looked angry, pist off or just dam right confused. I stretched my senses out till I found her power level, it was on a deserted island out in the Cerfagit Ocean (I know that's not a real ocean but let's pretend that it is in the dragon ball world). "While you guys were bickering, I found her power level. She's on some deserted island, in the Cerfagit Ocean," I say before turning to go out the door. "Well, are you coming or not?" Then I fly off with the others in tow.

When we arrive on the island, we scoured it head to toe before splitting up separately. As I fly past some old ruins I hear bitter and mournful crying. I slow down my pace and retrace my steps to where I heard the crying. That's when I see her, she's sitting there on the beach crying and with her head in-between her legs muttering stuff I can't hear. 'Guys, come quick, I found her and supress your power level, she can probably sense it,' I telepathically tell the others. They come and Vegeta asks a simple, 'where is she?' Without a word I point to the crying figure on the beach, I can start to make out what she's saying now and judging by the looks on the others faces so can they. "Why did he half to die? Why did they half to die? Ahhhhhh, I hate you Kronus. All the seven gone but me, dam you Gaia. Why is my dam fucking life half to be so hard? Why can't I just die? All my friends and family gone just because I wasn't strong enough. Why was I chosen to go into hyper-sleep? I don't deserve to live. If only I could die and bring everyone else back. Why me?" The last part she said, she broke off sobbing in despair. I could see the cog's turning in her brain, I widened my eyes and I knew what she was about to do. "Guys, she's going to kill herself, what are we going to do?" I asked as her hand drifted to her right thigh and yanked the knife out of the sheath. She let the tears flood in, "Good bye world," she says before plunging the knife into her heart…

(This would be a perfect place for a cliff hanger but I not that mean)

Vegeta's POV

As if some silent agreement Gohan tackles her to the ground, Krillin knocks the knife out of her hand and me, Piccolo and Kakarot help Gohan restrain her. I grunt as she hits me in the face, attacking wildly not aiming for anything. She is surprisingly strong for a female child, but then again she does have saiyan blood in her. As she falls limp in our arms I understand her plan, she's trying to drain her power level away from her, taking her life force as well. I hit a pressure point behind her neck just hard enough to knock her out but not kill her. Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu take all her weapons off her, finding a knife stashed in her boot (As soon as she was out of capsule corps she took out all her weapons encase a monster attacked) and her weird phone contraption out of her pocket. Piccolo picked the child up and we fly back to capsule corps in silence wondering what this child will have in store for us.

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