What? A two thousand year old demigod saiyan

Charlotte Jackson, daughter of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Jackson has woken up from two thousand years in hyper-sleep. What will the z fighters make of this strange 14 year old girl and is one of there old enemies back? But things might go wrong for the young demi-god saiyan. A bit of an AU. No Buu and Goku doesn't die in the cell games. There is swearing so don't read if your sensitive to that stuff. Gohan/OC


5. Getting Ready For Battle

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Chapter 5

Charlie's POV

The gleam in my eyes where immiscible as my lips twitched upwards, almost settling into a smirk. After I had stood up and got my G-pod. I had looked down at what I was wearing and told them bluntly to get the Hades out of there so I could get changed, I had to search through my G-pod to find something suitable to wear. I changed from skinny jeans, a green tank top, grey convers and a silver zip down fleace to normal sort of snug jeans, a camp half-blood t-shirt, white and blue sneakers, my normal fighting cloths. Plus my breastplate just in case. I gathered my weapons and suited up. Then took my leave from the room, only to hear vegetable head complain why I was taking so dame long. "The reason I'm taking so dame fucking long, vegetable head is because I needed to put on my damn breastplate, that happens to be Celestial Bronze, and it's not the most moveable substance to move in by the way. It took me an hour and a half the first time I had put on my armour, which is not a bad time considering I was 4 and a ½ at the time and now I've been in hyper sleep for two thousand years, 5 minutes is pretty good!" I had huffed but it had then turned to giggles. They were staring at me for some reason or another, I then realised what they were staring at, "What? Never seen Greek battle armour before?" I teased. Oh Gods, I should have gone down there in my full battle armour just to scare them. "Trust me, if I was my wearing full General Greek battle armour I might give you a heart attack," I had grinned. They had quickly shown me out of the house and most of them, well the girls and scar face anyway, had gone back to the security of inside and watched from the window. This was where we were now. I now turned back to the remaining people outside to see if they had gone back inside. "Brat, it this is some kind of a joke…" Veg-head left the threat hanging in the air to which I then snapped, "No this is not some kind of a joke vegetable head and if it was it would be a very, very, very lame joke." I calmed myself almost instantly taking deep breaths in and out. "Girl, I think it's time you learnt our names if you haven't already forgotten them," Green bean snarled, "Hay, no fare! At the time, my mind was infiltrated by the poison on the hellhound's claws. Only the Gods can resist its poison so cut me some slack cause I can't remember anything that happened whilst the poison was in my dam fucking blood." I huffed back angrily, "So tell me." "Tell you what?" he replied confused, "Tell me what your names are." I sighed with a roll of my eyes, turned to face them, waiting expectantly and with that they told me their names. I turn back to the lush green hills in front of me, 'I wonder if monsters die in this world. It's possible because Hades must have had a successor and he would have put souls in them so that they could die if a normal mortar stumbled across them. The monsters would have no one to hunt so they would attack the mortals and with no demi-gods to protect them they would be killed. If the monsters haven't concord the world by now they must have souls. Then again this world is defiantly not normal considering that there's saiyans, namekians, talking animals and other aliens, so yeh this world is most obviously not normal.' I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in, "This is the last monster battle in all of history and a bunch of mortals are watching it. The mist can't work without the gods being here. It wouldn't work anyway because most of them are aliens and it would take good deal of power to do it." I couldn't help but mutter. A shrill screech suddenly filled the air and I saw three dozen monster charge down the hill. Hellhounds, Dracanae,Telekhines and Laistrygonian Giant, or Canadians as I prefer to call them, swarmed down the hill. 'Well, at least it can't get any worse,' I thought grimly, well the Gods decided to prove me wrong and a piercing scream sliced through the air. A dark shadow of wings appeared, circled and landed. "Kampê," I whispered, my eyes wide with fear was soon replaced with anger. "That bitch is gonna pay!" I managed to snarl out with clenched teeth. I drew Riptide and with a hoarse battle cry, lunged in to battle.

Gohan's POV

Massive black dog with beady red eyes, humanoid females with twin serpent trunks instead of legs, something like a Doberman pinscher, a human child and a sea lion mixed together and giants with monstrous sharp teeth charged down the hill. As if out of nowhere a massive shadow appeared in the sky, it circled once and a horrid beast landed. I caught Charlie whisper "Kampê." The creature has a human head and snakes for hair. She had a half human body, reptilian skin and a dragon half. Her dragon half was black with white stripes down her back. She had wings, a barbed tail and at the point where her halves meet there are mutated animal heads that constantly change shape like a gruesome, monstrous belt. "That bitch is gonna pay!" Charlie snarled out and drew her sword. She let out a battle cry and leaped into battle.

Ohhhh cliffy!


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