What? A two thousand year old demigod saiyan

Charlotte Jackson, daughter of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Jackson has woken up from two thousand years in hyper-sleep. What will the z fighters make of this strange 14 year old girl and is one of there old enemies back? But things might go wrong for the young demi-god saiyan. A bit of an AU. No Buu and Goku doesn't die in the cell games. There is swearing so don't read if your sensitive to that stuff. Gohan/OC


2. Escape

Chapter 2

Charlie opened her eyes to the glare of the medical room in capsule corps. She tried to sit up but she couldn't, chains were connecting her to the bed and draining her power. "Damit, the chains are ki resistant and take my power at the same time," Charlie cursed under her breath. She decided to break out later and tried to remember where she was.


The door to her pod opened and she floated out looking at her surroundings. Charlie landed and sighed with a smile, "Home." She stared out into the distance, "It's been so long." Just then a voice behind her yelled out, "Brat, who are you and what are you doing on this planet?" She spun on her heel and got into a fighting position. When she saw them she relaxed a little and surveyed them. The guy who yelled at her was warring saiyan battle armour, four of them wore the same orange gi, two others wore identical purple gi's with a white cape, another one had a dark blue gi on, one of them wore black trousers, a white top with a read belt and some other guy had a green gi. The same man spoke up again, "I've said this once and I'll say this again, who are you and what are you doing on this planet?" Charlie was about to answer when a hellhound jumped out of the shadows aiming for her. She managed to dodge the attack but it raked its claws down her right arm making her bite her bottom lip to stop her screaming in pain. Charlie's left arm reached for her Celestial bronze knife tied to her right thigh and yanked it out of its sheath before plunging it deep into the hellhound's stomach. She collapsed, tired out from hyper-sleep and her fight, but not before hearing, "One of you pick her up and we'll fly to capsule corps." Then she fell into a deep coma.

End of Flashback

Charlie was sick of the chains now, they were getting annoying. She closed her eyes, maybe if she used her tail and her knife. Her eyes flue open, she released her tail from around her waist and let it drift to her thigh but the knife was gone. She growled in anger but didn't give up, she never gave up. Charlie bent her right knee and made her tail snake into her grey convers to get her other knife. She pulled it out and handed it to her right hand which set to work quickly, manoeuvring it to open her right shackle. When she had done that she moved on to her left, in no time at all she had both her hands free. Charlie put her knife back into her convers and surveyed the room. She found her weapons next to a desk and hit the store all weapons button on her g pod (it was on the desk) but kept her knife in her convers in case she needed it again. The door was locked so she blasted it open and made a run for it. The building was big and she kept getting lost but eventually made her way to the ground floor. This was nothing compare to the labyrinth (I know the labyrinth was destroyed but let's pretend that didn't happen). The two boys she had seen from earlier, the one in the orange gi and the other in a dark blue gi, walked out of a room and were greeted by a very annoyed Charlotte. "Hey Goten, that's the girl from earlier," the lavender haired boy said. "Yeh Trunks but I don't think she's supposed to be here. She must have got free somehow," the spiky black haired boy said to his friend. Just then Charlie turned and ran while the boys were distracted down a series of hallways. "Hey kid stop," said a voice from behind her, 'those kids must have alerted the others, this place will get a lot more crowded now,' Charlie thought to her-self as she reached a dead end. She turned to face her pursuers, it was two of the people in orange gi's. One of them was short and had a bald head with six stars while the other had short black hair and scares on his face. 'I'm going to haft to fight my way out of this one' Charlie thought then attacked with no warning. Too many now of days, she had a strange stile of fighting but back in her time it was a very advance stile of martial arts. She beat them with ease and continued to look for the exit. There were some close calls but she managed to find the door. She ran out and tried to make sense of her surroundings, she was in some sort of a garden. "I haft to get out of here now before the others come," Charlie muttered to her-self. She was about to take off and fly away when a gruff voice said, "Going somewhere kid?" Charlie glared, she had done things people could only dream of and even some adults were scared of the things she had done, before the age of 15 no less. Growing up in an orphanage without knowing her parents, running away at the age of 4, going on quest after quest, then the titan war and the third great prophecy, being kidnapped by Hera and sent to camp Jupiter, fighting the giants, lulling Gaia back to sleep and the forth great prophecy, joining the hunters and hunting some of the most dangerous monsters in the world and going into hyper-sleep because of the gods request. Now she was on Earth two thousand years in the future being held captive by some weird mortals, Charlie couldn't help saying, "why me?" Before turning to face the voice.

"Γιατί μου?" Said the girl in her bizarre alien language of her then she turned to face them. Piccolo stared at the 14 year old, she had managed to escape the ki resistant chains, navigate her way through the house, out run Trunks and Goten, defeat Krillin and Yamcha, find the door and here she was now ready to attack if needed to escape. He had new respect for the kid. Goku was about to talk when Vegeta said bluntly, "Who are you and why are you on this planet?" "And I'd tell you this because…." The girl replied, Vegeta scowled at her and she glared at him right back. Piccolo almost chuckled at the girls reply and glare. "Brat, I am the prince of all saiyans, don't you dare mock me," Vegeta growled angrily. " If that's supposed to impress me, it didn't," the teen said coolly, " Now if you will excuse me I have some τέρατα to kill." Piccolo decided to step in before thing got out of hand and Vegeta attacked. "You aren't going anywhere kiddo," he said putting a hand on Vegeta's shoulder to restrain the now angered saiyan prince. "If you count the years in hyper-sleep I'm 2014 years old, you know," said the child. This shocked everyone, even Piccolo who thought he was ready for anything. "If you find that weird then wait till you've find out me ancestry," the girl said with a cheery smile. "What's so special about your ancestry than ours?" Trunks said glaring and Goten added, "Yeh what makes you so different from us except you're not saiyan?" The girl replied in a mysterious voice, "That's for me to know and you to find out, as for the saiyan part…." She unwrapped her chocolate brown tail from around her waist stunning every one. "You're a saiyan, that's not possible," Goku said still staring at her tail as it rewrapped its self around her waist. "I said I was born two thousand years ago, meaning the saiyan race was still around then," the kid said with a sigh. "I guess that's possible, I mean the saiyans would still be around," Gohan replied still in his own train of thought. "Well, why don't we go inside and get something to eat and drink and, sorry what's your name?" "Charlotte Jackson but I prefer Charlie," the girl, sorry Charlie said with a small sigh. "Ok, and Charlie can tell us more about her-self," Bulma finished. As they walked inside Piccolo could hear Charlie mutter, "Ηλίθιος." Piccolo could only guess that it wasn't a compliment to Bulma. He smirked, this was going to be an interesting explanation.

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