What? A two thousand year old demigod saiyan

Charlotte Jackson, daughter of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Jackson has woken up from two thousand years in hyper-sleep. What will the z fighters make of this strange 14 year old girl and is one of there old enemies back? But things might go wrong for the young demi-god saiyan. A bit of an AU. No Buu and Goku doesn't die in the cell games. There is swearing so don't read if your sensitive to that stuff. Gohan/OC


1. Going Home

Charlotte Percabeth Jackson stared out the window of her spaceship, it was an old saiyan pod given to her by her father. Charlie's (she prefers to be called Charlie) parents, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Jackson, were definitely NOT normal. Annabeth was child of Athena and a mortal, Frederick Chase who happened to be half saiyan and Percy was not much better. He was a son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson (Bolfis) who was also half saiyan, making him and Annabeth half god, quarter human and quarter saiyan, the first of their kind. This meant that Charlie was quarter Athena, quarter Poseidon, quarter human and quarter saiyan. Just after she was born, the gods made her parents into gods themselves for all their help. Percy and Annabeth found the pod after discovering they were both quarter saiyan. Charlie grew up at camp-half blood, going through two prophecies before the age of 13, then joining the hunters of Artemis and stayed with them for two years. She decided to leave them when to gods asked her if she would go into hyper-sleep because they knew their reign was in danger and the world will need her help in the future. She agreed, so the gods told her to go to her pod and go into hyper-sleep. She had woken up earlier that day and set a course to Earth. "One hour till we reach Earth, Mistress Charlotte," said the robotic voice of the pod. Charlie sighed, it had been too long. Would her parents recognize her? Or had their reign ended like they had predicted. There was only one way to find out and that was on her home planet. She was tired so she made sure she had all her weapons ready, Riptide in pen form check, two daggers one tied to her thigh the other one hidden in her grey convers check, shield in wrist watch form check, hunting knifes strapped to her arms check, owl earing that turned into a helmet if activated check, trident necklace that when held in her right fist would turn into full Greek battle armour minus the helmet check, full sheath of arrows hanging on her belt check and lastly her bow held in her left hand tightly check. She had been allowed to keep her hunters weapons and clothing due to the fact that she didn't want to leave them until the gods asked her to leave, no one if they valued their life ever refused the gods. She let her tail hang loose from around her waist and humming an ancient Greek lullaby, that hadn't been sung in over two thousand years, she drifted off to sleep.

Gohan was having a normal day, training that is. It had been three years to the day since the defeat of cell and he had just finished his third year of school. He had agreed to go over to capsule corps with Goten, Goku and Chichi. There was going to be a big party with the rest of the z fighters celebrating the defeat of cell. When they had arrived Goten had went off to find Trunks, Goku was talking to Krillin, Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu and Chichi had gone over to talk to Bulma and 18. Piccolo and Vegeta had asked if he wanted to train and Gohan agreed. He had been fighting them for the past three hours and wasn't slowing down! Suddenly all the z fighters stopped and stared to the sky, something powerful had just entered Earth's atmosphere and was heading out into the barbaric desert. "That's one heck of a power level," was the first thing Krillin said. The rest of the z fighters agreed, "So, what are we going to do?" Yamcha asked sounding like the scared idiot he was. Goku thought for a moment, "Let's go find out what this person wants," he said before flying away. The rest of the z fighters nodded and took off after Goku. Bulma and Chichi said they would stay here but Trunks and Goten were having none of it. "We're coming with you whether you like it or not," Goten and Trunks said together and sped off to catch up with the others.

"Entering the Earth's atmosphere, Mistress Charlotte," the sound of the pod woke Charlie up. "Twenty-five minutes till landing," Charlie groaned, she was having a great dream about when she was still with the hunters. Charlie shook her-self awake and did her routine check of her weapons and realised that her g pod (god pod) was missing. She searched franticly, finally she searched her skinny jean pockets where she found it, she sighed in relief and made a mental note to search her pockets first next time. Charlie smiled, she was going home after two thousand long years of hyper-sleep and she was excited. She griped her bow tighter and closed her eyes until there was a loud thump and felt the rock hard surface of the Earth collide with her space pod. The door opened with a hiss and she climbed her way out into the sun light.

Hiss, the door of the saiyan pod opened. Vegeta stood there waiting for some hideous alien to emerge but instead a 14 year old girl came out of the pod. She was wearing dark blue ripped skinny jeans, a green tank-top, grey convers and a silver zipped down fleece. The girls black spiky hair came down just below her shoulders her big dark sapphire bluish grey eyes stared around her taking every detail and her chocolate brown tail snaked around her waist. She floated out of her pod and into the air looking around as she came out. She landed then sighed with a smile and murmured "σπίτι," she didn't even seem to notice them, "It's been so long." Vegeta smirked, 'Good, at least the girl knows how to speak English,' he thought to him-self. The rest of the z fighters, including Trunks and Goten, stood dumbfounded as well as rooted to the spot. "Brat, who are you and what are you doing on this planet?" He yelled at her. This gave the rest of the z fighters time to recover and shake themselves from their train of thought. The girl spun on her heel as quick as a flash and into a fighting position. She then spotted them and she relaxed a little but stayed in the same stance ready to engage if needed. "I've said this once and I'll say this again, who are you and what are you doing on this planet?" She was about to respond when a gigantic black beast leaped out of the shadows strait for her. She jumped of the way just in time but to have one of the paws rake down her right arm, she bit her lip to prevent her from screaming in pain. The z fighters were just about to step in when the girl's left arm grabbed something tied to her right thigh and with a twist of her arm hit the beats in the stomach. It roared in agony before melting into a shadow just as the girl collapsed. They ran over to the girl, well everyone except Vegeta, Piccolo and Trunks who walked over. "One of you pick her up and we'll fly to capsule corps," Vegeta said then flew off, Krillin and Gohan picked up the girl and followed Vegeta with the rest not far behind.

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