This Could Be Something Special

So technically your name is Leslyann Elizabeth Williams, 18, live in Cheshire with your mum and step dad and everything runs perfectly. Your startin university today and you bump in to 5 boys with your best friend Caitlin Christina Pugh, and find out that these boys arent the kind of boys you expect. Its was the one, the only, One Direction


9. up all night like this, alright

077 the numbers were dialled into harrys phone and it started to ring, someone picked up the phone, it was joe,

"hi is this joe?" harry spoke

"yes, what do you want?" he spat

"i no you hurt caitlin, and shes in pain, in every part of her body, what do you want from her?" harry said in a whisper?

"yh and what you going to do about about it" joe spoke


"how much longer niall, i want to go to bed!" zayn whined

"i now have eveything" niall said with a pile of food in his hands

they turned around and saw harry and the phone from the kitchen shutter, the phone was caitlins phone on joes contact and harry talking or yelling to the same person, they wondered what this joe did wrong, sooo zayn swiped the phone and checked the texts caitlin and joe had been sending, most of them were abuse to caitlin but after a few texts onwards till todays ones, one text say that you are dead to me and will be shortly, im going to find were you live. both th boys were shocked and scared they only knew the girls for one day but the felt like part of the one direction family.

liam came in shortly afterwards about 1 o clock, he asked what harry was on about and who he was talking too. niall pulled him down straight away and showed the texts and explained everything to him, then he went freako, liam was dying to call the police but, in the end he decided not too.

soon after the boys fell asleep on the kitchen floor completly passed out as people would say or sleeping like sound babys.


ring ring. ring ring. leslys phone went off, caitlin had to go and take her tablots at 7 o clock every morning and night, it was a pain in the backside. so lesly got out of bed and went into the orange room she was half awake, half asleep. she just came in and lay down on the bed with the tablots and a bottle of water in her hands, before you knew it caitlin was awake too, but half awake and asleep too, she took the tablots but sat right up. and then lay back down again, she looked at lesly and lesly looked back, they then looked down at the bed, they didnt notice that harry was in the livingroom and niall, zayn and liam werent in there rooms. thats until louis came in and also lay down on the bed across lesly and caitlins legs.

"is it just me or are we lying on harry?" louis asked

"no" lesly replied

"wait guys, were are the lads?" lesly asked

"come on, caitlin you coming" louis said

"no i feel ill" caitlin said

so lesly and louis traveled to the kitchen until they tried over liam zayn and niall, they got back up and this time traveled to the livingroom, harry was still on the phone, to joe thats when lesly and louis fully woke up to!

"WHERE THE FUCK IS MY PHONE" caitlin shouted

everyone else woke up, lesly and louis already knew about joe as the had private talks during somelectures they have together, all everyone said was shit.

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