This Could Be Something Special

So technically your name is Leslyann Elizabeth Williams, 18, live in Cheshire with your mum and step dad and everything runs perfectly. Your startin university today and you bump in to 5 boys with your best friend Caitlin Christina Pugh, and find out that these boys arent the kind of boys you expect. Its was the one, the only, One Direction


2. sing for us please?!?!?

"one word for you, act normal and cool" caitlin said

they girls started to walk over to the boys again the both secrectly wanted to fan girl so badly but, nope they kept cool. they talk about where they live and what they love doing in spare times when they dont have any lectures or exams to be at, to come to soo much surprise they all had soo much in commen its just unreal, who knew something like this could happen to them.

they kept talkin and talking and talking until they got up to the subject of music and careeres they wanted do, caitlin wanted to be a performin arts teacher and lesly wanted to be a golbal world wide professiional dance  and music artist. but they both wanted to be fameous they just kept it together for themselves, they didnt want people to give them negative points about it all, if they did they thought they would never be able to reach the top and become world wide like one direction and many other artist.

"soo you two sing, ey" zayn checked

"correct my lawful friend" caitlin answered

" can we hear you"

"sure why not" caitlin and lesly said in sync again

they scurried over to the booth and started to sing there own version of taylor swift i knew you were trouble it went realy well, they went full out even the high pitch notes were perfect it must of been better than harrys high pitch notes as he was astonished too. after they sang the came out of the booth looking blown away that they did that, it was also they first time they performed in front of people as well.

they boys were amazed by there voices because they were that good. they looked at eaxherother and it looed like they had a plan or something.

"say were did you say your living again?" zayn asked 

"in thses flats caitlins dads hired out for us, but he said he might by it for her soo she can live in them permenantly, its on some road called victoria road in birkenhead i think and floor 21 number 13, it has loads of rooms, why???" lesly said

"well since we all go 2 university, is it ok if we stay with you like permanantly, cause someone forget to get a fkat for us niall!" liam stared

"man i said sorry" niall said 

"sure why not, it will be fun but none of us can let my dad know that, you lot are staying here ok"

"got it" they all said

"ok good, now at last period meet me at the singing booth again and we will ride back to caitlins ok"

yep ok is what they all said! 

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