This Could Be Something Special

So technically your name is Leslyann Elizabeth Williams, 18, live in Cheshire with your mum and step dad and everything runs perfectly. Your startin university today and you bump in to 5 boys with your best friend Caitlin Christina Pugh, and find out that these boys arent the kind of boys you expect. Its was the one, the only, One Direction


10. should we, or not

caitlin came marching in a minute later to see all of the frozen and staring at her, she was mainly focusing on harry who had hold of his phone with joes phone number on his screen. after that she swiped her phone of zayn and went back to bed, she then came back out and took some of nialls food that he was suppose to have last night, and then took it back in with her slamming the door behind her.

"should we go and see if she's ok?" liam asked

"no let her cool off, when she is angry sad or depressed she sits eats and then falls asleep" lesly said

"well we no about the food" niall said

(university- lunchbreak)

zayn niall louis harry and lesly were sitting at the table at lunch gossiping away about the class they just had, lesly zayn and harry had drama while niall and louis had social studies. along down the same table was a girl she had dark hair that was tied in a high ponytail, pail skin dark eyes, and along with her was her friends, they were giggling at pointing at lesly, niall was the only one that realised they kept saying things about lesly but he couldnt make them out soo he decided to make a mob.

"excuse me but would you like to say that any louder?" niall shouted "yes im talking to you dark haired girl with that pony thing" niall said yet again making an even bigger mob

"say what any louder mate?" the girl said

"you were talking and laughing at my girlfriend" niall said

"your leslyanns boyfriend you must be having a laugh right" she giggled

"how do you no her?" niall questioned

"i went to school with the little slut, but really you dating her you could have any other girl, other than her" she spat

"firstly shes no were near enough to be a slut unlike you and im dating her because shes beautiful and has a great voice rapping skills and also has a great personality but obviously looking at you, you have none of that" niall retaleated back with. "besides whats your name soo i can add you on to the list of people that need to go and get a nose job, cause all your friends are all ready on it"

"my names beatrice"

"and you make fun of her? you really should turn blonde" niall said before you knew it the mob was claapping cheering and ohhhing before it started to cool down and disappaer including beatrice and her friends

"thanks for that niall, and the lying about being my boyfriend" lesly said with a huge smile across her face


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