This Could Be Something Special

So technically your name is Leslyann Elizabeth Williams, 18, live in Cheshire with your mum and step dad and everything runs perfectly. Your startin university today and you bump in to 5 boys with your best friend Caitlin Christina Pugh, and find out that these boys arent the kind of boys you expect. Its was the one, the only, One Direction


12. Roads of Cheshire+Wirral

they were running as fast as they can to the motor bikes, with liam and niall trailing be hind them. but were picking up good speed. caitlin suddenly dropped her keys but left them, which was then leaving her her motor bike keys along with leslys.

they finally reched the back of the uniivercity and found the motor bikes both lined up and ryan (caitlins friend) standing in the middle of them, liam and niall stood watching from a dark corner so they couldnt been seen.

"woah man, nice bikes they have" niall said amazed staring at the bikes" anywayy how did u get here?"

"i hotwired a motor bike ok, but listen we have to follow them, they could become in danger, well with caitlins boyfriend" liam said whispering to niall but to be honest niall wasnt listening her was paying attention to the motorbike and lesly."niall, niall, ni, ni, Niall! come on lets go before they notice us we will follow them to where ever there going, here take caitlins car, im going to take the motor bike" liam whispered and shouted in a way.

(nestons scummy park)

they finally manage to get to the destonation without getting stopped or spotted by them, they came to a town called neston, it was only a small place but it would do for now, they stoped off at a park called sytchcroft park, but underneath the sign it was vandilized in paint that wrote a word saying scummy, maybe thats what people round here called it. well anyway liam got off and out the vechiles, they drove to a small alley way and stood watching and listening to everything that was happeneing.

"hi joe" caitlin said looking almost pale as white and with a hint and scaryness on top."you met leslyann havent you"

"hi im lesly, although you have already met me" lesly said looking at him

"errm babe are you o-"

"soo you bitch, whos harry, ey, WHOS HARRY" he yelled at caitlin, she started to back away, so did lesly

"hes my roommate" she said quietly

"BULLSHIT" he yelled again punching caitlin and then kicked her down onto the floor, lesly saw liam and niall and ran to them in the alley and continued to watch the horror\nightmare.

"babe he is just a roommate, i promise" caitlin cried in pain on the floor

"well, he sure does love you then, he was talking about you all last night" he stopped after that and grabbed caitlin around the throat, she couldnt breathe much. "and then he asks me to stop hurting you, well ive never layed a hair on you until now, well maybe a few times but, thats gonna come to an end now" he spoke sternly

"what did i ever do to you, why did you change i loved you joe" she manged to punch him and get him to the floor so she could get breathe and stand up.

when he was down on the floor his nose was spirting out blood, he looked at her in dispite but answered her question anyway. "i wanted you because i liked you and loved you but then you were moving somewhere else, you were moving away in a years time soo, im doing this now, but you off with boys now, you slag, now say your last words" he spat holding a gun out in his hand which was already loaded.

"my last word it go for it" she said crying, she he got up and pointed it to her head but all of a sudden police were surrounding the whole area, which meant he had to drop his weapon and raise his hands high, she was breathing heavily this point. a police officer came and grabbed caitlin by her shoulders reasuring shes ok, and they watched it all, she cried in relief and ran straight to lesly liam and niall, she hugged liam realy tightly, he too did the same.

(the flat)

the nightmare was officially over, no more joe, no more tears and certinly no more pain, ever one was asleep apart from harry. he just watched caitlin sleep peacefully cuddling to his chest, with her warm breathe hitting his heart, he knew about the situation that went on today because he apoligised and liam told harry about what happened in neston, he understood, after all that drama we all agreed like nothing happened at all, so if anyone asks nothing happened. so ever since that everyone went to bed, and thats were harry is now, bed, awake. he yet again noticed caitlins lamp was on again so he was about to get up and turn it off, but two arms grabbed his arm, he turned and saw an arm was attached to his arm and the othe hand on his hand fast asleep, so he got back in lent over turned it off, and fell to sleep with her

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