This Could Be Something Special

So technically your name is Leslyann Elizabeth Williams, 18, live in Cheshire with your mum and step dad and everything runs perfectly. Your startin university today and you bump in to 5 boys with your best friend Caitlin Christina Pugh, and find out that these boys arent the kind of boys you expect. Its was the one, the only, One Direction


13. Niall+Me=SPARKS

(lesly and nialls room)

it was early in the morning however it was very light, niall had awoken after a terrible nightmare, or some sort of amazing dream, he rubbed his eyes and looked to the right he saw lesly sleeping ever soo quietly hudding the cover that lay across her, he just kept staring at her for a long period of tim,e her skin was soo light, how she turned while sleeping didnt even make the matruce move or make any noises, the only noise she ever made was a small hum, like a huming bired singing in the amazon forset on a beautiful tropical day.

before you knew it, leslys eyes started to flurted open, at first everything was a complete blur, but after her eyes agusted she saw niall giving her the cutest smile on earth at the moment, he brushed her hair to onside of her face, she then smiled and sat up, and opened the certins, after that she looked a her phone, the time was 6:30am, she just shrugged her shoulders and went to the bathroom.

after her trip to the bathroom, she went to the kitchen niall went along with her but only in his underwear???

"say ni, what do you want for breakfast this morning?" lesly asked

"errm, i will have a sausage and egg buttie please with brown sauce and pure orange juice" he replied back with

"woah where do you think you are, starbucks or weatherspoonds?" lesly looked and said cheekily

"noo, i just have a strong appitite" nial debated back sticking his tongue out

"haha, you soo funny niall, i feel lucky for the girl who gets you someday" she said looking a bit down now

"um actually i wanted to ask you somethin" niall remembered

"ohh ok then, what is it she said with hope in her again now" she asked

"well i was wondering maybe we could i dont know go and grab some lunch later" niall asked

"sure i would love too, but were are we going coz like i need to no how ,uch it is because im ski-" lesly stiped until a pair of lips were layed on hers.

"your not paying i am" niall calified 

"soo its a date?" lesly asked 

"it deafontly is beautiful" he said kissing her on lips again, leslhy then turned around and scurried off to the livungroom, she started to dance, and whispered to herself "grab him, like him, and then put him in the bag" she was still dancing she just didnt realise that niall was watching, thats until she turned around and saw nial watching her.

"should i go and make some breakfast" lesly asked again

"its alright i'll do it, you go and wake everyone else up for uni" niall suggested

sparks started to fly everywhere in this house.

(A/N, hello my wonderful readers, this is my first official fan fic i have ever created, now i no theres only 13 chapters soo far, but scholnhas been rushing to my head, grrrrr, but what i want is some more lovely characters to be zayn, liam, and louis dates in chapters 14, 16 and 20, soo what i need you to do is tel me your full name, what you like doing, your clothes style and the lad you would like to be with in the story, and maybe a little idea for the story, if your intrested skype me, im called caitlin98891, google: and obvs movellas is Chrissie Pugh, thank you my Pughsters!!!

Chrissie out!!!)

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