This Could Be Something Special

So technically your name is Leslyann Elizabeth Williams, 18, live in Cheshire with your mum and step dad and everything runs perfectly. Your startin university today and you bump in to 5 boys with your best friend Caitlin Christina Pugh, and find out that these boys arent the kind of boys you expect. Its was the one, the only, One Direction


7. did you to do it?

"bye dad" caitlin said

"bye caitlin sweetie" scott said

she closed the front door after her dad went down the hall and onto the stairs, she leaned againt the door for a minute before letting everyone know that there in the clear, they came out there hiding places but caitlins eyes were interlocked on lesly and nialls face, hair and the clothes, everyone else eyes were glued too them. lesly could bearly breathe she was soo puffed out, almost like she run a marathon.

"niall word now please" liam said glaring at him

"ok" he breathed out

(liams bedroom)

"whats wrong li" niall said

"you did it with her didnt you" liam whispered

"oh no were playing a practical jike on all of you" niall laughed

"oh did you do tour dare though?" liam asked

"yes, and ive never felt like that before it was passionate, something clicked man, im telling you" niall said

" aww, wait lets get back they are all going to be wondering what were doing" liam said

" i have a better idea, want to join the practical joke" niall ask

" already one step ahead of you"


eveyone is sitting down just talking away butall there eys looked weary and tired and they had college tomorrow they had to get some sleep, inf

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