The Covenant

Reid falls in love I think.


6. What? Where? Can I find you?

I was going to use my powers. I had to. I was about to go after him when 3 people emerged from the woods Tyler's date and Po's date. They had Sarah. What were they doing? Tyler and Po's face change to horror. I felt like I was going to throw up. They had Sarah and were working for Chase. They must have hidden Cecelia where they are hiding Sarah. Where are they putting them? "Where are you putting them?" I asked. I wish I hadn't. "Where no one can find them." Chase said. I was just about to go after him when the moon was shining on one particular spot. I was able to sneak away and find where it led. Straight to Cecelia and Sarah. I found them. Cecelia was assending. I walked over to Sarah. She was sitting right next to Cecelia. The moonlight stopped shinning which meant she was over assending. She is very powerful now.

"Reid. What is going on?" I looked at her. "Chase and Tyler's and Po's dates are working together. They got Sarah and you and took you guys here and is hiding you guys from us. I found you guys while you were assending." she nodded. We heard things falling. We looked out the barn window and saw the boys and Chase fighting. I told Cecelia and Sarah to stay there while I go help. "No Reid im coming." Cecelia said. "You will come out if we need you. I want you to be safe." she nodded. They went and got Sarah into safety. I ran out ready for the battle to start.

Sarah's POV

Reid just went out to fight while Cecelia and I are hiding. She is going to go out and help when Reid tells her to. I don't want her to get hurt. I heard after the battle that if she isn't hurt and Reid isn't either, then Reid is going to propose. I hope he is able to. They would be- "Cecelia come on!" Reid screamed. She ran out. I was alone.

Cecelia's POV

I ran out ready to fight. I ran out and saw the boys on the ground. "REID, TYLER, CALEB. PO!" I screamed. Chase looked at me. Why would I yell? I ran and stopped. I was using my new powers.

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