The Covenant

Reid falls in love I think.


3. They're Back

Cecelia's POV

I woke up in a different room. I fell off the bed because I was scared. Reid came over and helped me up. I hugged him. I had totally forgot that I have to stay with him now. Yay! "Babe you okay? You looked scared when I helped you up." he said. "Yeah. I forgot I was staying in here with you." he nodded. He bent down and kissed me. We pulled apart because someone was knocking on the door.  I walked over and opened it. I was pushed to the ground. When I got up no one was there and Reid was rushing over to me. "Reid when Caleb destroyed Chase, he was sure he was destroyed right? I was just pushed with no one there." he looked at me. He got his phone out and called Caleb.

When Caleb got here I was dressed in some skinny jeans and a hot pink top. "So what happened?" he asked me. "Well I heard a knock on the door. I went to open it. When I opened it something pushed me. No one was there." he looked at Reid then back to me. "What is happening. You destroyed Chase right?" he nodded. I stood up and walked over to Reid's bed and sat next to Reid. "What if Chase wasn't the only desendent?" I asked. Caleb looked at me with understanding eyes. "Well then there is someone else out there. And whoever it is must have sent something to get revenge like Chase." Caleb said. Reid nodded. I just stayed looking at my feet. I felt a pair of arms around me. I got scared and screamed. "Wow its just me." Reid said. "I have something to tell you guys." They nodded. "Well the reason why my room was closed was because this happened like 10 times in one week. So they said they had to close it." They nodded like I was asking them to go outside or something. "Its okay. Now that we know we can protect everyone better." I smiled. My eyes were heavy. I was up late because I was thinking about Caleb destroying Chase. I put my head on Reid's shoulder. They were talking. Within 5 minutes I was sleeping. All I heard from them was that they were going to take shifts protecting everyone. I was being wakened. All I did was scream. Why did I do that lately.

Caleb's POV

Reid was waking up Cecelia. She fell asleep in his shoulder. She screamed. The most high pitched scream I could think of. We looked at each other before he started to calm her down. "Guys I don't need protecting. Go protect everyone else. I have powers remember? I can fight them off." Reid looked at me. I nodded. She was going to fight for herself. And we will fight for everyone else. Hopefully she can do it.

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