The Covenant

Reid falls in love I think.


5. The Final Battle

Reid's POV

I went to the store to get something. A ring. I will give it to Cecelia after the battle. Well I hope to give It to her. This is so tense. She is assending tomorrow night. We have a battle on her birthday. She said she will fight. I wish she didn't have to. She doesn't really have to fight but since she is part of Ipswich it would help. Tomorrow is harsh.;

*The Next day*

Caleb's POV

I was getting ready for the dance/battle. Sarah came in. "Hey. So you are fighting? Again? Just don't get hurt." I nodded. I went and kissed her. I got a text. From Reid. "Guys Cecelia is missing. I think she went off to the battle. She cant do this alone. Where is she?" I looked at Sarah. "Cecelia is already there." she looked at me. Her smile faded. We rushed to Reid's room.

When we got to Reid's room there was 2 girls there with Po and Tyler. Their dates. "Hey um can you guys go and take Sarah to the dance? We will be there as soon as possible." the girls nodded. Sarah went with them. We looked at Reid who had a worried face. His phone rang. He answered it. He hung up. "Guys Chase was never destroyed. He just called me on Cecelia's phone. He has her. We have to go and save her. She can die." we all look at him. "SHE IS ASSENDING TONIGHT! IF HE HAS HER, WHEN SHE ASSENDS HE COULD GET HER TO GIVE THE-" I stopped him. "Reid we will find her. He nodded.

We rushed to where the last battle was. That was where he was. I looked all over. Cecelia was no where to be found.

Reid's POV

"I was never destroyed. And now I have another chance to gain the powers. I always wanted the powers." Chase said. I looked over. I couldn't find her. All of a sudden Chase was thrown up against a wall. I looked over my shoulder to see Cecelia. She was using her powers. It was dark. In 5 minutes she will start assending. We have 5 minutes to destroy Chase. She came over. She wasn't dressed for the dance. We were. She was in skinny jeans and a sweatshirt. She walked up to Chase and flew him farther into the wall. She went into the building and set it on fire. She got Chase and flung him in. Then Cecelia disappeared. Or so I thought it was Cecelia. The person turned around to be Chase. "Do you honestly think I would lose to a girl?" I started after him. I was stopped by Tyler. Where was Cecelia? I was using my powers.

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