The Covenant

Reid falls in love I think.


7. The Fight Part 3

I was using my powers. I had to help the boys fight off Chase. I used my powers and threw a barrel at Chase. He flung me across the field. I stood up. He was now fighting the boys. I sent a force circle over and knocked him over. I ran over and stood right in between Reid and Caleb. Chase stood up. "Awe look its the Covenant. Looks like ill be destroying all of you together." he said. I was starting after him. I flung another force circle and knocked him off his feet. "Listen Chase I don't want to be here so lets make this fast." I said throwing another force circle. He stood up. He came over and shut everyone out. "Listen I am going to make this as fast as I can." he said. I looked around. "Hmm lets see. I think you will lose." I brought us into life again. He was forced down with the boys and my force circles. "This is taking forever!" I said. Reid looked at me. "Normally I would say that." he said. I smiled. So did he. "Enough with the lovey dovey stuff. Lets get started!" We didn't already start. "I thought we already started." I looked at Chase. He looked weirder then ever. I knew what he meant. He meant giving my powers to him.

Chase's POV

I was going to get her powers. No one will stop me. Reid and Tyler started after me. Too bad they did. I flung them across the field. Haha they shouldn't of done that.

Po's POV

Chase just flung Tyler and Reid across the field. Caleb looked at me. I nodded. We teamed up and flung force circles at him. Reid and Tyler came over and started. Cecelia flung him across the field. She walked over and started sending force circles at him. She really wanted him gone. Reid went over and pulled her away while Caleb and Tyler went after him. "Why did you do that Reid? I could have destroyed him easily!" she said. He looked at her. She looked mad with her eyes black. You couldn't really see if she was mad or upset. "I did it because he is getting more powerful. Plus you cant be using your powers a lot right after you got them hyped up." she nodded. She looked fine but on the inside I think Reid could tell she was mad. I went to help Tyler and Caleb. Reid is staying back in case Cecelia tries anything. Like to get away or something. She just wants Chase destroyed.

Reid's POV

I was holding Cecelia back. I could tell she was mad at me because I wont let her fight. Oh well. The best thing to do is to keep her away. She keeps trying to get away but I grab her arm. She looks at me. Her eyes are back to normal. She just wants help. "Reid I need them. It is my powers he wants. He can seriously hurt them!" she screamed. "No I wont let you go. You can get seriously hurt yourself. Please stay." she looked at me. I pulled her into where Sarah is hiding. "Guys whats going on out there? Why are you in here? Is Chase destroyed?" Sarah kept asking. I shook my head. She looked worried. I turned around. Cecelia was gone. Why did she leave?

Cecelia's POV

I wasn't going to sit back. Chase wants my powers. He will fight me. I got out there just in time. The boys were being flung across the field. I stopped in my tracks. I had to do this "Chase if you truly want my powers you will have to fight me." he looked at me. I got him distracted. They boys finished him off. He was destroyed. Finally. I turned around. Looks like Reid found out I left.

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