The Covenant

Reid falls in love I think.


2. Telling Of Powers

Reid's POV

I walked back to my room and fell right to sleep. The next morning I woke up to have Tyler calling me. "What Tyler?" he sounded angry "REID HOW COULD YOU ASK HER TO THE DANCE WHEN YOU KNOW I-" "I know you like her but I got her! Plus I think we are dating. " "WHAT WHY HOW WHATEVER!" and with that he hung up. I got up and got dressed. Some jeans a white shirt orange sweat jacket and a black leather jacket over that. I walked out of my room and walked to Cecelia's room. She was walking out and ran into me. "Sorry I should watch where im gong." she said. "Mhm" I said and kissed her. She kissed back. We pulled apart and started walking. We didn't have class today. We never have class 3 days before a dance. To much work. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her in. "Reid are we dating or just friends?" she asked. I stopped walking. "Does this answer your question?" I asked her. I pulled her close and kissed her. After about 1 minute we pulled apart. "Um Yes!" she nodded. I smiled. We continued walking. I had to take her to the meeting us boys had. They are to discuss the powers. Since she is part of the Ipswich she has to be there. Right?

We got to the place. I took her hand and pulled her downstairs. Everyone looked at our hands then to me then to her. They looked mad. I whispered in her ear "Show them." she nodded. She used her powers and the boys looked shocked. They looked at each other and then back to her then to me and smiled. "Wow Reid found a girl with powers." Po said. "Guys she is part of-" "Ipswich." she said cutting me off. She looked at me and I saw in her eyes that she was sorry for cutting in. We went and sat down. Originally there is only 4 seats so Cecelia said she would sit on the floor but I told her I would. Before I could sit on the floor she did. Okay? Tyler was staring at me with anger in his eyes. I looked at him. He saw Cecelia look at him and he smiled. Her face fell because she knew that he liked her.

We stopped the meeting and started walking out. Tyler pulled me behind the place and threw me up against the wall. "What are you doing?" Caleb asked. Tyler didn't do anything. Po took Cecelia away so she didn't see but it didn't work she ran straight back. Tyler's eyes went black which meant he was going to use his powers. I turned and was about to use mine. I used my power and flung him across the field. He came back angrier. He flung me up against the wall. Before I could do anything I saw him being flung into the wall. I looked over to Cecelia using her powers. She came over grabbed my hand and pulled me away. "Stay here." I nodded. She went back. I heard an argument about to start until Po and Caleb came back. "She didn't want us there." I nodded. "TYLER YOU DONT USE YOUR POWERS AGAINST YOUR BROTHER JUST BECAUSE YOU LIKE HIS GIRLFRIEND!" is all I heard before she walked out with Tyler. "Reid im sorry. I was mad because you like her and got her." I nodded. We all started heading back to where we came from.

We got back to my room. Cecelia just got a call from her roommate saying their room is not opened anymore. Which means new rooms will be assigned if they cant find rooms on their own. I have a spare bed in my room. She can stay here. "Cecelia stay here. I have a spare bed." she looked at me and smiled. She nodded.

That night she fell asleep in her bed. I tuned the lights out and fell asleep.


Hey guys I know this isn't a one direction fanfic but oh well.

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