The Covenant

Reid falls in love I think.


11. Starting Over

It was the next day and we start class today. I was getting dressed in my bathroom when I heard a knock on the door. I was about o go open it when I heard a scream "OPEN UP! ITS ME REID!" "NOPE I DONT THINK I KNOW  A REID!" I screamed back jokingly. "OKAY FINE! HAVE IT YOUR WAY!" I was about to open it when it opened by itself. I screamed. It was Reid. He was now laughing because I screamed. "Haha very funny Reid." he couldn't stop. I walked to my bed and grabbed my bag. I went to turn around but I couldn't. I was trapped by someone or something. I was able to turn around. I turned around to see Reid. He was the one trapping me. "Reid come on we will be late on the first day." I said trying to break free. He only leaned down to kiss me. We stayed like that until we heard someone say "Eww get a room." I looked over to see Po laughing in the door way. I started laughing and broke free from Reid's trap.

We started walking to class. Tyler ran pass us. He pushed Reid which got Reid to chase after him. "Don't get expelled on the first day!" I said. I made Po laugh. We kept walking until we got to our first class. I went in and sat next to Reid and Tyler. "Okay guys. Here at Harvard we don't accept craziness in the class. Now whoever was running in the halls just before class. Mr. Garwin and Mr. Simms you are wanted in the headmasters office after class." I started laughing. I guess I shouldn't of done that. "Mrs. Barchak. You too. And Mr. Danvers and Mr. Parry. You also." okay so maybe it was about all the fights Reid and Tyler had at Spencer's. How am I involved? Oh well.

It was after class and we made our way to the office. "Hello. I would like to talk about your past at Spencer's. I have heard that Reid and Tyler used to fight a lot?" we nodded. "But now you are fine?" we nodded. "Okay then there is no reason you should have trouble here at Harvard. Also please no more running around the halls." he clearly made that towards Reid and Tyler. They nodded.

Po's POV

We left the office and started heading towards our rooms. We all had one class in the morning and then the rest later in the afternoon. Caleb and Sarah went to Caleb's room. I wen to Tyler's and Reid and Cecelia went to Reid's. We had separated.

We got to Tyler's room. It looked like he had just emptied out his suitcases and threw everything anywhere. But then I realized that it was Tyler. No duh he would do that. I walked in and sat on his bed. We started talking.

Reid's POV

We went into my room and sat down. I looked at her. I kissed her. We pulled away. "Reid your room looks like a bomb went off in here." I laughed. I agreed. Want to go to your room?" I asked. She nodded automatically and laughed.

We got to her room. I sat on her bed while she sat in her love seat. I joined her. I kissed her. She kissed back. We pulled away and looked at each other. We leaned in and kissed again.  When we pulled away we looked at each other. She got up but I pulled her by her waist and she fell back down. "Reid I have to get a drink." I laughed and let her go. This will be an interesting experience at Harvard.


What do you guys think will happen with Reid and Cecelia?

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