The Covenant

Reid falls in love I think.


1. Party Fight

"REID STOP! This is the 4th fight Reid and Tyler have had since Chase was destroyed. Tonight they are fighting about a girl. Her name is Cecelia. They have fought over her ever since she started to come to the school. "REID STOP! TYLER!" they were throwing things at each other now. "Po go stop them." I told Po. It was Reid, Po, Tyler, Sarah, and me at the bar. Cecelia walked over to us. "Hey um you might want to stop Tyler and Reid. It looks like they are really going at it again." she said. I nodded. As soon as she walked away I went up to them and pulled Tyler away while Po grabbed Reid.

We took them behind the bar. "You guys have got to stop fighting over her. She is a girl. Why don't we do this. Whoever saw her first gets her." They nodded. "Who saw her first?" "I did. She sits next to me in class." Tyler said. "Actually I did because I help her around everyday." I nod. Reid saw her first. Fair and square. Tyler got mad and started after Reid. "TYLER STOP!" he stopped looked at me and went back to his room.

Reid's POV

I went back into the bar and found Cecelia. "Hey." "Hey Reid so you okay? What happened with Tyler?" "Yeah it was nothing. But um I was wondering....there is a dance in 4 nights from now. I was wondering if you wanted to go with me." I said. She nodded. "I would love to Reid." she said. I nodded. We sat down and started talking. We ordered some food and when it came we ate. Night was enjoyed.

Cecelia's POV

I was going to go to the dance with Reid. He had his blonde hair up in a hat. Again. He always wore it up in a hat at the bar. It was cute. "So why did you ask me and not the other girls?" I asked. He said "Because you amazing." I nodded on agreement. I smiled. I looked behind him. A girl was about to drop something. I used my powers and stopped it. I then realized Reid was looking at me. He was so confused. Why did I do that? "What was that?" he asked. "I have these um powers." I said. "Yeah I have the same he said. He showed me. "Ipswich?" He nodded. Wow our ancestors had been friends. "Wow. I never met anyone like me before. Is there others"  I ask. He nods. "Caleb, Po, and Tyler." I nodded. We kept talking until it was time for the bar to close. "Ill walk you back to your room." He said. I nodded. We talked and walked. By time we got back to my room I had fallen head over heels for him. "What were you and Tyler fighting about?" I asked. He blushed. "Um a girl." "Me isn't it?" "Yeah. When I started helping you around the school I started liking you." he blushed and was about to turn around until I stopped him. "Well Reid you just made me fall head over heels for you." I say. He looks at me then smiles. He comes up and kisses me. We pull apart and he turns and starts to walk of. Best night ever!

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