The Covenant

Reid falls in love I think.


9. Ipswich Boys

Reid's POV

Caleb and Sarah danced to this song in the bar back whenever. I looked at Cecelia she looked confused. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to the lake. "What Reid?" she asked. I looked at her. "You looked confused back there. What was going on in your mind?" I asked. "I was watching Sarah and Caleb. They were really embarrassing." I nodded in agreement and laughed. I kissed her on the forehead and we walked to our room. The dance was nearly over anyways so.

When we got to our room she went into the bathroom and changed I to some shorts and a t-shirt. I looked at her. "What?" she said. I shook my head. She looked at me with you-aren't-fooling-me eyes. She walked over and kissed me. It was a long and passionate kiss. She pulled away and went to her bed and lied down. I walked to her bed and sat beside her. "I hate being 18" she said. I looked at her. "Why? You have so much power now" she looked at me and I realized what she meant. She couldn't use her powers a lot for a month or so until they really set in. I laughed because I remember the day I assended. It was really hard not to use my powers. She looked at me. She sat up and kissed me. I looked back at er when we pulled away. She was looking in my eyes. "Reid this is the last night here. Where are you going after?" she asked concerned. "I don't know. Where are you going?" she looked a little upset. "Harvard." I looked at her. Caleb was going there. "I will get the mail since I didn't yet today." she said. I just nodded.

She came back in. Screaming. A good screaming. "REID ITS YOUR COLLEGE FORMS!" I looked at her. She was happy. I opened all but one. I was accepted into all. I opened this one. It was Harvard's. I looked up. She was happy. I smiled. "I made into Harvard" she smiled and jumped. "Yay now we can be together!" she said. I nodded and kissed her. We pulled apart. "Where is Tyler and Po going?" she asked. "Harvard." she looked mixed with emotions. Happy, upset, and confused. "Whats wrong?" I asked her she shook her head and all her expressions left except for happy.

Cecelia's POV

We were all going to Harvard. Yay! I looked at Reid. He looked back. I bent down to get my suitcase. "What are you doing?" he asked me. "Packing my stuff. I want to get there early." I said. He nodded. AHH we were going to be together forever. Literally!

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