The Covenant

Reid falls in love I think.


10. Getting There

Caleb's POV

I woke up early because I had to pack. Today was when we were all leaving for college. I guess we were all going to Harvard. I got my suitcase packed and it was only 8:30. We were leaving at 9:30. I decided to head down to the school.

When I got to the school Tyler and Reid were putting their suitcases in Tyler's car. "Hey guys!" I said. They look over and started walking over. "So Reid you made it to Harvard?" he nodded. "Hey is Sarah riding with you?" Tyler asked me. I nodded. I saw that Cecelia's car was out front to. She was walking out. Her bags on her back and she was carrying her suitcases. She put them in her car and walked over to us. "Megahn is riding with me." she said. We all nodded. "Hey boys!" I heard someone say. I looked over. It was Po. "Hey whats up Po?" I asked. He shook his head. "Okay Po heres my question. Well 2. 1.Where is your motorcycle and 2. how are you getting your bags on it?" I asked. "He's coming with us." Reid said. I nodded.

It was 9:30 now and Sarah just put her stuff in my car. We all said we will see each other there. I got in my car and Sarah got in. We started our journey to Harvard.  I turned the radio on.  I Love Rock and Role was on. Sarah looked at me and then she started singing. I was laughing. She's hilarious.

Po's POV

We got in the car and started talking. We decided to have Tyler drive because the last time I was in the same car as Reid and he was driving we drove off a cliff to trick the cops. I was glad Tyler was driving. "Po do you know what room your in" Tyler asked. I nodded. "Yeah um room 6E" I said. He nodded. "Where are you guys?" I asked. "Room 7D" Tyler said. "Room 7E" Reid said. At least they were near each other. Caleb was "No Cecelia is taking her to her house. But I think we have classes in 2 days right?" Reid said. I nodded. "Well where does Megahn live? " I asked. "Like 3 blocks away from Harvard so it will be easy for her to get to the building." Tyler said. I wonder where Sarah and Cecelia were staying. "Hey do you guys know where the girls are staying?" I asked. "Cecelia is room 3D and Sarah is room 3E." Tyler said. I nodded.

Cecelia's POV

I just dropped off Megahn and now im heading to the building. Sarah is waiting for me.

When I got there I saw Sarah waiting for me. "Hey where do I park?" I asked. She got in the car and told me directions to a paring lot. We got out and grabbed my bags. She showed me to my room. It was huge. I put my stuff down on my bed and flopped down next to it. I heard a knock on the door. "Who could that be?" "Hmm I don't know maybe your boyfriend." I laughed. It was Reid. I let him in. "So hows your room" I asked. "Not as fun without you in there." I laughed. he kissed me. We decided to go up to his room for a little bit. I really want to have a good time here at Harvard. I cant take a failure. I have to study hard. Hopefully ill be able to do that.

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