The Covenant

Reid falls in love I think.


4. 24 Hours and Fight Along The Way

Tyler's POV

I woke up and had to take my shift of watching the halls. Tomorrow was the dance and I needed a date. I got a call from Caleb. "yeah? What's wrong" I asked. "Reid is going to take off his shift because he has something to do. So can you his shift also? Hey more time to look for a date." he said. Wow Caleb. I agreed to do it. Hopefully he's right. Hopefully I find a girl.

Reid's POV

I took off of my shift because I want to stay with Cecelia for the night. She just came back from somewhere. Megahn was with her. "Cecelia ill see ya later." Megahn said and walked off closing the door. I guess Cecelia didn't know I was in there because when I went to wrap my arms around her she screamed. "Babe calm down its only me." she nodded. We went and sat down on the bed. "So tomorrow is the dance." she said. I kissed her and nodded. She smiled. "You should wear a tux even though we wont be dancing. We will be fighting." I looked at her. "How do you know?" "The thing came again and said that tomorrow is the night someone assends When someone will get their powers hyped up. Whos birthday is tomorrow?" she said. "Yours?" I meant to say but ended up questioning. She nodded. "They always do it when someone is assending." "Does Caleb know?" I asked. She nodded. I texted Po and Tyler. Apparently they knew too. I looked at Cecelia and she looked at me. We kissed and stayed like that for 1 minute. We pulled away and looked at each other. I loved her. Tomorrow is the end of the year dance and that means when we leave the school, we don't come back. This is our final year here. I want to stay with her forever. "Hey ill be back. I need to go to the store." she nodded. I wanted her forever. I will have her forever.

Po's POV

I walked into my room and sat down. I turned my phone on. I just got back from my shift. It is so boring just walking around for 3 hours. I stood up and got something to eat. Tomorrow is when the battle wil start. I just got a text from Reid. it read " Guys im going to have Cecelia forever. Make sure nothing happens while im gone." I responded "okay". I guess he finally found a girl that will last forever. Hopefully nothing does happen to her tomorrow.

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