Good Girl Gone Bad (One Direction)

Dierdre was your normally teenager except the fact that she was a 'goody goody'. She did everything by the book. She did not go to parties, stay up late on school nights, or do anything without her parents premision. But one day she runs into one of the five bad boys of her school. Dierdre hates to admit it but she starts to develop feels for one of them. One night Dierde goes to a party with one of them. What happens as the boys try to change Dierdre for good to bad?


1. Chapter 1

    Dierdre's POV 

    I am not the most popular person at school. In fact I am not popular at all. I am noted as the 'geek' or 'goody goody' of the school. I get straight A's in all my classes and follow the directions that I am told. 

    I get picked on for what I wear. I don't dress like some of the girls at my school. I don't wear those skin tight dresses, high heels, lower cut tops, and all the other stuff. I usually wear flare jeans with a blouse of some sort. 

    Most of the girls at my school have already lost their vCard. I personally don't what to lose mine until I am married. I get bugged about it sometimes from Samantha who is the head of the school. Samantha is the meanest most trashy person alive. She dresses like she is some kind of stripper and acts like she is always drunk, but it seems like the guys like it. 

    All the guys at my school are pervs. Let's not forget the top five of the school. Their names are Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan. All they want to do is take away girls vCards. I have learned over the years to stay away from them, even though the go more for the girls like Samantha. 

    I was at my locker getting my books for first block and talking to my only friend, Aimie. She was not like the others girls in the school. She did not dress like them, talk like them, and she still had her vCard. She was more like me with the same interest in life. 

    "Ugh. I really don't like this school." I say to Aimie as I am getting out my math text book. 

    "Ah, me too." she says rolling her eyes at Samantha trying to get a guys attention. 

    "Some times I wish that I could switch schools. What about you?"

    "Yeah, about switching schools. My dad got a job in California which mean that I have to move out there with him." she says scared of the way I would act. 

    "Your moving to California?! When?!" I say back almost screaming at her. 

    "Tomorrow. I wanted to tell you earlier, but I did not know how to say it." she says trying to help me get through this. 

   At that point the bell rang meaning first block was about to began. Aimie went her way towards Mr. Zefridge's math class, leaving me there by my locker. The only thing that was going through my brain was that my only friend is leaving tomorrow for California. How could this be happening to me. 


Hey everyone. I hope that you like the story so far. Let me know what you think about so I can see if I should post another part to the story. Like, Fav. or Comment on what you guys think. Until then have a nice day. 

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