Our eye's say everything, we're different.

3 sisters, all different. While they're in the orphanage, this girl come's in.
4 words that changed their lifes, "I want these 3."
But what happens when they go in that house? Who do they meet? Yep the stuck up boy band that they hate. Great!


1. Orphanage,

Calaya's Point of View:

As my 2 sisters & I, wait to see who's here to look who they want to adopt. We all go near the radio and put it on, "AND LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG." We hear, we all make disgusted face's and turn it off. 

"LISTEN UP! THIS GIRL'S NAME IS ANNE AND SHE WILL BE ADOPTING 3 TEENAGERS FROM THE ORPHANAGE. GIVE RESPECT." Dianne yells, she works here. Anne walks toward us and our eyes are wide open, looking at her. Ohyeah.. Me and my sisters have really beautiful eyes, and we all have different gifts that we only know about. too.

"I want these 3, what do you guys think?. Want to stay with me till 18?" She whispers with a smile. 

I'm the oldest so I look at both of them, and they nod. "Yes please." I whisper back, she grabs our hands and take's us to the front to sign the papers. I blink and I see visions, visions of a beautiful house! It's huge, and all of are in it. Anne is hugging a curly haired boy but I can't seem to discover his face. Me and the girl's are smiling, cooking something. Visions is my gift, and these visions are letting me know I'm going to have a good time living with Anne. 

"Done! Girl's go get packing." Anne say's as I snap back into reality. 

Evange look's at me weird, and I say with a low "What?" 

"Your eyes, they have lighting bolts in them." She whispers. 

"I'm just excited that's why." 

She nods, and we were finally in our room. I finish packing my bags first, then Mercadies, then Evange. We run down back to the Orphanage lobby, and see Anne with smiles on her face. We get in to the grey Ferrari? Whoa.  

"I know, my son bought me it. He's pretty rich" She say's with a laugh. He was rich? I wonder if he was a doctor, a doctor hmm. That's cute. 

"Psst! Psst!." I turn back to look at Evange in the back seat, oh my her yellow eyes freak me out sometimes.. 

"The curly haired boy is from the band One Direction." She whispers. She say's pointing at Anne's phone, she has a picture of Her Son and her, at X-factor?. 

I hate that band so much, we all do. Me and my sister's lost a friend because of them, they tweeted her back but said "You're not a real fan."Because she tweeted them, "#ShitBullShit."  Next day guess who found her dead body? Us. We will never ever forgive them for what they have done to our bestfriend, she would stay up all night listening to their music. 

Tweeting them till 11 am in the morning, till us or the Orphanage workers woke her up. She was such a real fan, it's not even funny. Thinking and thinking, I fall asleep. 

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