Our eye's say everything, we're different.

3 sisters, all different. While they're in the orphanage, this girl come's in.
4 words that changed their lifes, "I want these 3."
But what happens when they go in that house? Who do they meet? Yep the stuck up boy band that they hate. Great!


2. New Home.

Evange's Point of View: 

While Calaya and Mercadies fall asleep, I look deep in Anne's mind to see what she is thinking. Took over 10 minutes till it worked, but I'm now seeing & thinking everything she is. That's my gift, and my god sometime's I just worship it so much.

"What if he doesn't like them? What if they don't like me? Was this a mistake?" She was thinking.  Aww, I don't worship this gift as much. I blink 10 time's and It stops! I have to let her know everything will be okay, and make her happy. 

"Anne, your family will respect us. We like you, trust me! Will make it good for you so it isn't a mistake that you picked us ok? Mom." I whisper in her ear, and peck her cheek. I look through the front mirror in the ferrari, and she has the biggest smile on her face which made me happy. I look out the window, and this community? Well it looked friendly, and I couldn't wait to get introduced to people. I'm just really mad to meet his son, I hate him. I don't know him, but his band? Yeah, hate them. 

My friend Leandra didn't have to go through death because of them. I miss her so much, It's unreal. 

*Beep Beep!* I hear Anne honk. The girl's wake up, and Mercadies freak's out. Her gift is happening. Oh god shit.. NOT NOW MERCADIES. 

"We're ho-" Anne say's getting interrupted by Mercadie's running out of the car, in to the house next door. I look at her in the eye before she goes and I look inside of her head. I see an old man choking, and hear her freaking out. Me and Calaya get out of the car and chase her. We make it in that house and find her doing CPR on the old man. His wife is freaking out, as she saves the old man from choking. After that, Anne storms in the old couples house panicking till she sees that old man saying "Thank you for saving my life." Repeating over and over, we nod and nod. He then looks at Anne with a smile, and says "You picked the good ones." She puts her hand on my shoulder and say's "I know." We then say our goodbyes and walk to the house, to see 5 filthy boys standing near the car with smiles. 

"Can we get your bags?" They all say. We look at them with hate our eyes go dark. They ain't pretty when they're dark trust me. 

"NO."  We all shout at the same time. We grab our bags and follow Anne inside! 

She turns around while we're in the living room/kitchen area.  

"K so guys, the boys outside are staying here till next March. So, you guys have to share a room. We already decorated it, it's kind of nice I guess. Want me show you? Or do you guys want supper first?" Anne says with confidence.

 "LONG RIDE! SUPPER." Calaya shouts, and we all giggle. 


Harry's Point Of View: 

Supper was really quiet knowing there are 3 new girls staying in the house, the girl with blue eye's made me weak. The other guys? They had feeling's for them too! I knew it, this is going to be hard to get on their good side. Because whatever they say, they hate our guts. "

"So girls.." I mumble.

"Don't mumble that's weird." Calaya? I think say's with attitude. An urge gets annoyed and I get up, clean my plate and march to my room. 

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