Sad, Beautiful, Tragic.

This is about a girl. A plane Jayne if you will. Not the most beautiful girl, but pretty in a subtle way. She was odd with corks and wasn't perfect but perfect in her own way. She was the nicest girl you would've ever met. Genital and kind heated. This is how 5 boys of every girls dreams noticed her. They became friends but nothing more. Until things started to change-BIG things- and emotions flickered and things were never the same. This is the story of how a small town girl met some troublesome boys.


7. Chapter 7, Coke and Rum:


Chapter 7, Coke and rum:


“Boys this is Lucindia Cross.” Liam introduced me to the boys. They all calls out “Hi's” and “Hey's” and a random “Vas Happen?”. I waved shyly and stepped a bit closer to Liam's broad chest.

“This is Harry.” He points at a curly haired boy with beautiful green eyes, “Niall, the only Irish one.” He gestures to a bleached-blond boy, “Zayn.” A rugged looking boy with the same jet black hair as me, styled down messy, waves at me with a smirk playing on his lips, “And Louis.” Louis sends me ,what the Brits call, a cheeky grin.

“Go ahead and take a seat.” Liam nudges me forward and I sit next to Zayn on the U shaped, black velvet booth.

“Hi love I'm Zayn.” Zayn sticks out his hand and I take it gingerly, shaking it lightly.

“Lucindia, but you can call me Luc.” I smile a bit and look at the rest of the boys.

“So Lucindia how old are you?” Asks Harry with a Cheeky grin.

“18 years”

“Favorite musician?”

“The Cab... Or Imagine Dragons.”

“Interesting... We're you from?”

“I was born in California the moved a couple of times then back to Cali then for the last year and a half or so I've been living in Georgia.” I explain, just wanting to sink into a hole and be done with  this club. When Harry was done playing 20 questions I could feel myself start to open up to the boys.

Me and Niall both loved any type of food, Zayn and I  shared the same hair color, and we were both shy. Lou and I both loved carrots, and listening to Kingsley videos on YouTube. Harry was the complete opposite of me; out -going and flirtatious, were I was shy and couldn't even flirt with the flip side of my pillow. Now Liam was a different story. We both were offley mature for our ages and hated to see others make complete fools of themselves.  We followed most rules and preferred Cokes over rum, or any other kind of alcoholic drink for that matter.  If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be Liam. We just were alike and I felt like I could relate.

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