Sad, Beautiful, Tragic.

This is about a girl. A plane Jayne if you will. Not the most beautiful girl, but pretty in a subtle way. She was odd with corks and wasn't perfect but perfect in her own way. She was the nicest girl you would've ever met. Genital and kind heated. This is how 5 boys of every girls dreams noticed her. They became friends but nothing more. Until things started to change-BIG things- and emotions flickered and things were never the same. This is the story of how a small town girl met some troublesome boys.


3. Chapter 3, Drummer Boys:


Chapter 3, Drummer boys:

Lucinda Cross. My name was written in bold print on my brand new passport. I grabbed my white and black ticket from the lady at the desk by the door to get on the airplane. After 3 and a half hours of waiting my plane had finally arrived. I made my way to row A seat C which was luckily a window seat. Since the early light of the morning was just peeking up over the earth I knew that there would be a perfect amount of natural light for me to sketch in. I crack my knuckles nervously as the rest of the passengers get in board. At the last minute a boy comes running in, a north face backpack at his side. I turn my eyes back towards my note book. I can feel his eyes settle on me. I gulp. He walks over and throws his bag in the overhead compartment and sits next to me. He buckled up the turns to me.

“Hey.” he waves, short but floppy brown hair swishing around as he does so.

“Hi.” I mumble back, pretending to be to into my drawing of my mother from when she was a little girl. I darken her rose checks and added a few more strands of pin straight blond hair.

“My names Josh, what's yours?”

“Lucinda or Luc for short.” I say without looking up. After a couple of minutes of awkward silence he pops in his ear buds and pulls out 2 drumsticks, tapping on his legs and the back of the privacy wall that separated first class from coach.

“You're a drummer?” I ask shyly.

“You could say that.” He smirked.

"Now departing to London in the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland."

And we were off.



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